How to get the perfect Digital Marketing Mix

digitla marketing mix diagramAre you concerned you’re not achieving the best online results for your business?

Are you overwhelmed with the seemingly limitless choice of digital marketing options?

Then let’s simplify how to achieve the best digital marketing mix which will take your online results to the next level.

The following best practice digital marketing methods will generate growth by building on four key areas of focus:

  • insightful market research
  • effective customer acquisition
  • value added communications
  • lasting brand loyalty.

1. Your starting point should be to evaluate where you are now, and then to plan your strategy. Planning a strategy will take time as there are a whole host of things to consider. You not only need to fully evaluate where you are now, but also work out where you want to get to, and the timescales in which you need to achieve your goals

2. Now you have your digital marketing blueprint, you can assess the effectiveness of your existing web presence, so you can start attracting your target audience through a program of regular quality content creation. Work out what content is currently working and what is not. Understand your audience and make sure your content speaks to them and their problems. Answer their questions and become their ‘go to’ person when they need answers.

3. The next step is to promote your content across the search engines with Adaptive SEO™. Take the best practice SEO methods and combine them with your content marketing to expand your reach across the search engines. You need to consider onsite and off site SEO. Remember using SEO methods will take time.

4. Paid advertising can also get your message seen in the right places, by the right people at the right time. If you don’t have time or need increased traffic quickly, this is the vehicle to use. Whether for long term campaigns, brand awareness or short new product or service launches paid advertising can get your message out there quickly. Be sure to do your keyword research before launching into campaigns otherwise it can become very expensive. And always measure the results so you can tweak your campaigns to get the maximum return from them.

5. Social Media is also key to engaging with potential customers, as well as managing your online reputation. As well as publishing content, engage with your audience. Respond to appropriate messages and posts and don’t be afraid to ask for opinions – they can be a great source of information when considering your next blog post or newsletter

6. Now you’re ready to convert visitors into leads, and leads into customers using a combination of marketing automation processes that do the heavy lifting for you. Track who is reading what, so you can understand your audiences actions and personalise your future contact.

7. Finally email, which is still a very cost effective marketing medium for achieving more sales and building brand loyalty. Used with marketing automation methods you can highly personalise your messages and increase your chances of converting that prospect in to a customer.

Each part of your digital marketing mix is brought together by a routine of monitoring, testing and improving. Without proper measurement it’s impossible to work out what is working, what isn’t and also what could be working better. However, whilst you need to measure don’t become over obsessed by the data. Sometimes you can have the perfect campaign, but outside factors mean it’s taken a down turn and there will be nothing you can do to improve things in the short term. In addition, give things sufficient time to test properly. One or two week’s data is unlikely to be enough to warrant immediate changes.

By using the right combination of tried and tested, best practice methodologies we have talked about in the video above, WSI-eMarketing can bring global expertise to your market, developing a marketing blueprint that will drive results for your business.

Our extensive network of experienced marketers means that at local level we are well equipped to apply our knowledge of the most beneficial online trends, techniques and technologies to grow your business.

So if you would like help achieving the perfect digital marketing mix for your business, get in touch today.