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image of email marketing at sign and letterMany of us open our inboxes each day to find an overwhelming number of newsletters and email marketing messages. We may open the odd one that sparks our interest, but if we’re honest, quite often we just don’t have the time and click delete or archive. There’s the odd occasion where we’ll open the email, not to read but to make sure the spam filters don’t send future ones straight to the spam box based on the fact that we’re not opening them.

So how do we ensure the email marketing we send stands out from the crowd and doesn’t end up in the trash with all the others?

1. Use an engaging subject line

Many of your target readers will decide whether to open your email based entirely on the subject line. Work out what they are most interested in and include it in the title, making sure of course, that it’s relevant to the main content of the newsletter or email. Be creative but be clear, and aim to use between six and ten words.

2. Don’t ignore the summary pre-header text

This is the first line of the email that is often shown as a preview. This is another way to draw in your reader. Make them eager to read the next sentence by asking a question or using a seemingly impossible fact. Look at your own inbox to see what catches your eye.

3. Pay attention to layout

It’s important that the email itself is attractive and easy on the eye. Long blocks of text, typos and fonts that are difficult to read are likely to turn your readers off. Recent measurement shows that 51% of emails are now opened on a mobile device, so make sure your communications display well on all devices.

4. Get the timing right

This may take some time to work out. Some email marketers pick a time each week to send out their newsletters without investigating which time of the day or week attracts the highest number of opens and click-throughs. Try sending your emails at different times and analyse the results. It may also be worth doing some split testing, sending half with one subject line and half with another to see which type works best. Segmenting your email list based on your client interests may also be a way of increasing your open and click through rates.

5. Play the long game

Brand reputation can’t be bought, it has to be earned. If you send emails that make your readers feel left out or cheated, they will delete your messages and potentially lose respect for your brand. Give them high-quality, useful content that captures your brand’s ‘personality’ and a growing fondness for your brand is likely to result in sales.

The majority of us check our emails at least once a day (some of us much more frequently!). It is believed that around 10% of business sales are achieved from email marketing, so it’s important to take the time to get your email marketing right.

Remember: don’t spam your readers with sales jargon, but be sure to include an enticing call to action and error-free links to your website.

If you want help setting up your email marketing campaigns, get in touch.

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