Marketing Automation & E-commerce | A Powerful Combination

Marketing Automation & E-commerce

Increase Sales & Lifetime Value by combining Marketing Automation & E-commerce


A core challenge of running an e-commerce business is finding new ways to provide value to your customers without cutting into your own margins. You want to give the customer the best possible experience and value but at the same time you’ve got to be profitable so you can go on to serve more customers!

Marketing Automation is an avenue you can explore to do precisely this! When utilised properly a Marketing Automation suite will allow you to deliver tailored messages to your customers when they are most receptive to them; offering them the right product or service, at the right time, at the right price. Using intelligently crafted campaigns one or two staff can nurture the volume of leads that previously you might have required 10 sales reps to manage. Continue reading

Click-Through Rate Low? Open Rate Down?

Is your Click-Through Rate low? Can’t get your email Open Rate to creep above a percent or two? If so you should have been at the ‘Grow With Digital’ event today and listened to Tamsin Fox-Davies give an email marketing masterclass.

Taking lessons learned from studying the mountains of data Constant Contact have access to and applying them to the every day business of email marketing for SMEs.

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8 Tips For Killer Christmas Email Marketing Campaigns

Christmas Email Marketing Campaigns

Christmas Email Marketing Campaigns are something everyone knows about but there’s a lot of pitfalls to avoid. The festive season is a great time to try and push your products. Retailers have known this for years so it’s no surprise to see the amount of time and money they pour into their festive marketing.

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Marketing For Startups & Small Businesses

Startup startups marketing strategy

There is a lot of literature on the internet aimed at startups and small businesses. Even when you look beyond the guides promising you a way to earn thousands a month just by sitting at home there are still a lot of snake oil salesmen. The truth of the matter is there aren’t any get rich quick schemes. Unless you’re the 1 lucky business in 100,000 that has the perfect product, at the perfect time, in the perfect place, it’s just not going to happen.

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Tamsin Talks Savvy Secrets for Email Marketing

Tasmin Constant ContactTamsin Fox-Davies is a small business evangelist with Constant Contact. She joined a panel of industry experts at the WSI Digital Summit to talk about her speciality within Digital Marketing. With a passion for both Digital Marketing and small businesses Tamsin gave a great talk on the power of Email and Social Media in the changing world of marketing.

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Why email marketing is key this Christmas

email marketing letter with christmas hatChristmas is just around the corner and many companies are investing heavily in social media to help their sales efforts. However, some are neglecting traditional email marketing and are missing out as a result. There’s still time for a final push.

With more than 60% of people opening their email on their mobiles while on the go, you still have plenty of time to drive the Christmas browsers to your site or store. You may even entice people while they are browsing for those Christmas offers. On that note, people may well be diving in and out of stores while checking their emails so it’s important that any email you send is is mobile friendly / responsive. A mobile responsive email can increase click through rates by up to 20%. 

If you are looking to improve your conversion rates this Christmas, here are ten reasons why you can’t afford to ignore email marketing.

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