With the digital world growing exponentially, it’s not surprising that more than 40% of the world’s population uses the Internet in one way or another. In the right hands, finding potential customers in such a large online pool is a major advantage for any business. Effective lead generation results in a successful marketing campaign.

Where Good Lead Generation Starts

Your marketing budget and the effectiveness of your sales pipeline are directly affected by the ability to generate quality leads. When it comes to lead generation you need to capture leads and turn them into loyal customers. The idea is to get the best return on your investment in both time and money and here is what you need to get started.

First you’ll need a good Website

Your home page can be compared to a receptionist or restaurant host as it’s the first point of contact for potential customers. Remember that friendly and well trained staff play a major role in business and so does a well designed website.

There are three important aspects of a good home page to maximise lead generation:

  • Give a clear description of who you are and what you offer
  • Content must be interesting and eye catching in design
  • Clearly represent your company values, culture and brand identity

Use best practice in Web Design, SEO and Content Management to attract and engage with more leads. Good content and exceptional customer service could potentially result in referrals as well.

Dedicated Landing Pages

Don’t use your Home page as a landing page. Landing pages are used for a specific campaign, product or service offering. Landing pages with video content also generally have a very high conversion rate of up to 80%. The main idea is to engage visitors with a special offer and, more often than not, involves completing a short enquiry form, newsletter signup or similar content.

Having a dedicated landing page for each niche shows your visitors that you are specialists in the field they have shown interest in. When a visitor takes the time to complete a form and provide you with personal information, they are a lead but not yet a customer. At this point they are ready to be nurtured.

Characteristics of Good Landing Page Design:

  • Branding, styles and colours should be consistent across all landing pages
  • CTA’s should be clearly visible and obvious
  • Value of the Landing Page to the lead needs to be clear
  • Forms should be simple and easy to complete
  • Don’t include external links in the design

Email Marketing Plan

One of the most widely used, cost effective and efficient methods of communication is still email. Compared to ten years ago, modern email marketing plays an even bigger role especially in conjunction with marketing automation. Newsletters, promotional offers and blog related emails are among the popular choices for email marketing.

Email with marketing automation has given us the ability to create targeted and personalised emails to customers on an individual level. This truly minimises the risk of irrelevant content and spam complaints. Deliver the right message to the right people at the right time by utilising the correct tools. As a result, it helps you build long-term relationships with a loyal following.

Good Social Media Presence

Managing social media presence is not easy by any means but there are some good social media management tools. Some include Hootsuite and Sendible that will save you time and effort. Remember, being active on social media doesn’t just mean selling and promoting your business. You need to interact with your customers on a personal level and is an essential part of the process.

Customer Research & Interaction

With today’s advanced technology, we sometimes forget the importance of just listening to our customers and this includes social media, a personal email or call. Customers are essentially your biggest critics, good or bad, and we shouldn’t rely on technology alone. Knowing customers’ wants and needs are essential in meeting and exceeding their expectations.

Attracting targeted visitors to your website is only part of the job. You also need to apply smart lead capture methods to turn your visitors into leads. Pre-qualifying your website visitors with improved ad targeting will give you the best chance of turning a visitor into a lead, and ultimately into a new customer.

If you would like help improving your online lead generation activities, get in touch today.

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