Artificial Intelligence And Social Media Marketing

artificial intelligence

Today’s digital-driven world is rife with talks of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and robotics displacing many human jobs. While it may not happen in the near future, it is certainly not as far-fetched as it was a decade ago.

With technology advancing at a frightening speed, it is only a matter of time before we see major developments across numerous sectors. Artificial Intelligence tools could one day generate content, automatically correct grammar, spelling and proofread emails among many other applications.

In terms of using Artificial Intelligence in social media marketing, the landscape is somewhat different. There are many more factors marketing and content teams need to consider when writing catchy headlines, hashtags or compelling content. Computers may think faster and capture data more accurately than their human counterparts but creativity remains in the minds of people.

Creating Social Media Content

Social media marketing companies are out in full force as most brands use social media platforms before launching a new product or service. The reason is simple: they can attract millions of people simultaneously (and at the fraction of the cost). Read more about social media optimisation touching on content creation, SEO, keywords and strategy.

A big part of creating social media content is around scheduling creative, thought-provoking and relevant posts and hashtags. More importantly, it involves creating content that can accurately describe a product or service. Not taking anything away from AI but people play a much more significant role in this instance.

Creative Thinking

Nobody knows for certain where the technology is going and what it will truly be capable of but for now, thinking outside the box is something humans do better than Artificial Intelligence. For that reason, brands spend a small fortune on marketing teams or outsourced marketing companies to maximise the human touch.

Social media content creation focuses more on how you can be different than your competitors. Using the same headlines or promotional messages will make it difficult for customers to differentiate between you and everyone else. This is where the human brain and creative thinking come into the equation.

Using Artificial Intelligence In Social Media

As it currently stands, Artificial Intelligence finds it challenging to determine what exactly customers want during a specific period. While it’s relatively simple to advertise Christmas specials or Black Friday deals, AI cannot use emotional responses to the same degree humans can. For example, if there is an area affected by a natural disaster and your brand wants to show support, AI cannot identify what these people are feeling.

Where AI can help though is sifting through loads of data in varying degrees and in different applications. Here are a few ways Artificial Intelligence is already prominent in content creation and social media.

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Traditionally, we would translate content the old fashioned way and if you spoke the language, things were much easier. On the other hand, if you didn’t, the next task was finding somebody who could. That all changed with the introduction of Google Translate about ten years ago.

The system was impressive but it was still early stages and often resulted in questionable and hilarious translations. Things changed for Google Translate three years ago when it had a major upgrade. It went from word-for-word translations to full phrases or sentences thanks to an artificial intelligence system.

Editing And Proofing

We should all be familiar with Microsoft Word indicating spelling and errors with red and green squiggly lines but today there are many tools that can help. Many software programs now use Artificial Intelligence to identify vague language use, lengthy phrases and styling issues among others.

All types of content writers can benefit especially non-native English speakers who may need help with editing their content. This is also hugely beneficial for professional editors since they will have fewer mistakes and typos to deal with. Some example of these apps include:

Checking For Plagiarism

A major issue for universities and publishers is the real risk of plagiarism but fortunately, there are solutions. Some of the available apps can check submitted work and see if the text has been copied verbatim from existing sources. Once again Grammarly is at the top of the list along with the following:

Final Thoughts

While the future of content writing may seem a little uncertain, Artificial Intelligence can really help you become a better writer. Not only will it help identify silly spelling or grammar errors while avoiding plagiarism, it also enables you to create content much faster.

Even though AI is essential in the digital world for many reasons, chances are slim that it will truly compete with our intelligence for creating content for social media. Of course, we don’t have a crystal ball and anything can happen where technology is involved but for now, it’s about complementing the human mind with AI and not replacing it.

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