Simplify Your Business With SharpSpring Sales Optimizer

Sales Optimizer

Businesses big and small can attest to the daily challenges of effectively managing the sales process. It not only applies to lead generation but also the nurturing process, communications and the associated administrative tasks. With SharpSpring Sales Optimizer, your team can now streamline the sales process thanks to automation at every stage of the customer journey.

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Social Selling – Convince Your Sales Team

Social Selling Sales Team Motivation

We’ve written a lot on Social Selling, at this point most business owners and Sales Managers recognise it’s value. Despite being recognised as a valuable technique by most B2B sales professionals Social Selling is still only practiced by around 25% of them. The reasons for this vary. For many Sales Professionals devoting time to something like a Twitter or Facebook profile rather than cracking on with calls and traditional prospecting feels like a waste of time. For people highly focused on targets changing their tried and tested methods is seen as an unnecessary risk to their commission.

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