Businesses big and small can attest to the daily challenges of effectively managing the sales process. It not only applies to lead generation but also the nurturing process, communications and the associated administrative tasks. With SharpSpring Sales Optimizer, your team can now streamline the sales process thanks to automation at every stage of the customer journey.

What Is SharpSpring Sales Optimizer?

Sales Optimizer is a suite of tools that integrate fully with SharpSpring marketing automation. It allows users to control the quality and flow of the entire sales process resulting in more successful negotiations and revenue. This means that every salesperson will follow best practice to ensure that qualified leads never slip through the cracks.

Just as marketing automation streamlines your marketing strategy, Sales Optimizer does the same for your sales process. It helps reduce the amount of manual administrative work linked to opportunity creation and pipeline stage management.

Engage With Hot Leads

It makes it easy to prioritise who to reach out to and when. Furthermore, it provides instant visibility into your leads and their associated automated tasks. Lead owners can now see who is currently engaging with the brand and what they are engaging with. This valuable insight shows salespeople how to respond accordingly which leaves less room for human error impacting conversions or revenues.

How Does Sales Optimizer Work?

Thanks to a host of automation features, Sales Optimizer can help control the quality of any sales communication. For example, automatically assigning tasks that are already loaded with suggested content as well as controlling the cadence of your marketing strategy. With the admin taken care of, salespeople can focus more on closing deals and effectively communicating with their leads.

It also features comprehensive reporting which allows sales managers to keep an eye on their team members. Sales managers now have greater control over their team and can also access all communications with the leads. This enables them to guide salespeople when required or help prevent deals from falling through.

Automated Tasks And Actions

With the Sales Optimizer, teams can automate their tasks and actions that move client deals through the pipeline. It helps salespeople reach out to their leads at the best possible times while getting real-time notifications for any lead activities.

The Automation Process: Opportunity Workflow Builder

The Opportunity Workflow Builder is the core focus of Sales Optimizer where teams can identify all the necessary touchpoints to ensure the success of every deal. They can access various triggers, filters and actions within a workflow to take pipeline management to the next level.

If someone completes a form on your website, for example, and requests a sales call, you can add automation to trigger the next step. Whether the action is to change a custom date field to indicate when the salesperson will make the call or to add them to a specific list. It can also include creating follow-up tasks for salespeople like sending an email on a specific date.

Task Manager And Activity Feed

Tasks flow seamlessly through each salesperson’s Task Manager displaying a daily to-do-list for each team member. When a lead opens an email, engages with your social media or a digital asset, not only will it show up in real-time on the Activity Feed but it is also highlighted if the lead owner has to do a follow-up. It also gets pushed to the top of the notification list. The greatest advantage here is that salespeople can reach out to their leads when your brand is top of mind.

While Sales Optimizer controls when salespeople need to do something, it also dictates what communication must be sent. When setting up a task, Sales Optimizer makes it so easy to include top-performing emails or assets from your Media Centre. This means you are always in control of what gets sent out and when.

Reports For Managing Sales Teams

In terms of managing expectations, controlling the process flow and ensuring business success, Sales Optimizer can help. The Task Report gives a detailed overview of how each salesperson is managing their prospects and how they are adhering to the predetermined sales process.

For example, you can instantly whether a salesperson has sent an email when you assigned a phone call. This ensures that management can check that everyone follows the correct procedures while identifying any potential problems.

Improve Sales Performance

Automated task reports also show what has been completed on time, what is still due and if anything was incomplete. All these features are in place to help teams take action to improve performance, ensure customer satisfaction and goal completion.

Watch the video below for a brief overview:


As Rick Carlson, SharpSpring CEO stated: “With Sales Optimizer, managers can orchestrate the ideal sales process, so they have peace of mind that deals are being handled properly. Automation can now be used at every stage of the customer journey – sales teams can send the right message at the right time by leveraging the same kind of powerful tools marketing teams have used for years.”

SharpSpring Sales Optimizer helps schedule different types of automation events based on when an opportunity’s parameters change or when they move into a different pipeline stage. Essentially, it replaces all the repetitive and time-consuming activities while the compliance report provides a clear overview of all the automated tasks.

We know it can be difficult to set up an effective sales process but Sales Optimizer makes it much easier. Read the full press release on Bloomberg.

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