Online Reputation Management | You Need To Maintain Your Digital Presence

Online Reputation Management

Most business people accept the need for Social Media both on on a personal and Brand level. Most will also agree that a good reputation is important. When you ask what Online Reputation Management consists of you’ll start to get a lot of very different answers. For many people the term ‘Reputation Management gets them thinking about crisis management, what they need to be doing when their reputation comes under attack. In the modern, always-online world Reputation Management has become a far wider practice and something you can’t afford to not be doing.

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How Does A Blog Help Business?

Why blog for business

Does your business have a blog? Does it update it regularly with quality content?

If the answer to either of these questions is no then you really should read on.

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Marketing For Startups & Small Businesses

Startup startups marketing strategy

There is a lot of literature on the internet aimed at startups and small businesses. Even when you look beyond the guides promising you a way to earn thousands a month just by sitting at home there are still a lot of snake oil salesmen. The truth of the matter is there aren’t any get rich quick schemes. Unless you’re the 1 lucky business in 100,000 that has the perfect product, at the perfect time, in the perfect place, it’s just not going to happen.

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6 Step Guide To Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

If you’re doing any form of Content Marketing then you need a Content Marketing Strategy. Even if you already have one there’s no reason it can’t improve. In 2015 just having content isn’t enough. In fact just spending time creating content with little clear aim or value can harm your business.

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Five steps to getting your content marketing right

content_marketing-300x200Most content marketers know that posting regular, relevant content is key. It is important that your customers or clients get to know about you before they even need you, that’s where content marketing comes in. But have you really considered why people are reading your content? It’s not always as simple as just wanting your product or service.

Here are five steps to ensure that your content marketing ticks the right boxes:

1. Find out who your target audience is and speak to prospective customers. Ask them what sort of content they would find relevant and useful. As side benefits, this will show customers that you care about their needs and will also help to raise the profile of your brand. Continue reading

Who Needs Digital Marketing?

Digital_marketing_circleThis post follows on from a LinkedIn post I wrote back in July about works experience.

We recently had a works experience student with us and I wrote a blog post about why it’s important to give students a real taste of working life. As part of that placement, Jack (the student) came up with some good questions that he wanted answers to. One of those questions was ‘Who needs digital marketing?’

Good question!

As somebody completely new to marketing, it was understandable that he didn’t realise where and how digital marketing could be used. Just because you are not responsible for the marketing of a business in the traditional sense, it doesn’t mean you don’t need marketing.

If you’re running a business, then yes, content marketing, paid advertising and search engine optimisation all play a part, as does social media marketing and reputation management. You need to use these digital tools at some point to help retain customers, get new customers and grow your business. Everyone seems to get this.

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