6 top tips on how to get the best out of your Facebook business page

Monetizing Facebook for businessIn Europe alone there are 243.2 million Facebook subscribers (internetworldstats, 2012). If the market is right, how can a business reach out to them? Get on Facebook.

A Facebook page can generate some serious value to your business, but such actions need to be well thought out and planned.

Here are the 6 top tips, on how to attract potential clients and engage with them so they stay in business with your business:

  1. Use the allocated space. The layout of the Facebook pages allows for a cover image, profile image and an about section. It is important to select the right images and information so that users can make an informed decision, and indeed an impression, on whether your page is worth following.
  2. Produce relevant content. This could make or break the future of your relationship with a user. By creating relevant copy, the interest which the user has agreed to sign up becomes an informative source which can be referred back to. Bear in mind too, that word-of-mouth offline, and indeed online, can attract new users to the page if positive feedback is being received. This also shows that you are a specialist in what you are marketing, indicating that you are a reliable and credible source.
  3. Post regularly. This is about finding the right balance. Posting at random, or not regularly enough, can leave a negative impression on your page visitors and affect your reach. Posting too frequently can swamp your followers with info over-load, which can have an adverse effect on your page engagement. Again, this comes back to planning for your target audience and industry. Test the frequencies and manage the levels of engagement which users have with the post.
  4. Post in a timely manner. Across the different social media platforms, there are optimal times to reach your audiences. To ensure that your posts are read, it has been recommended by Social Caffeine that Facebook traffic is at its highest between 9am and 4pm, indicating the best time to post is between 1 and 4 in the afternoon.
  5. Cross promote. This means that you are linking your other media platforms to your account. You can promote your page on: Other social networks, your website, business cards, events and on your newsletters. This can increase your page visibility by simply telling people about it.
  6. And last, but by no means least: Be human. I know it may seem daft, but you may be surprised at the amount of businesses who communicate with their customers like robots, if at all. By sharing ideas, thoughts and opinions, you are engaging with your page visitors, as you would in a circle of friends. This means that you are far more likely to get a response to your post- just make sure you respond too!

A tip planned for the future is page insights. The Facebook metrics which measure interactive data, clicks and demographics have been revamped to offer you more control and opportunities for your page visitors. Although this new feature is only available to a few page admins at the moment, all page owners are expected to receive the feature by the end of the summer.

Let us know how you think this can benefit your business- will you be using the metrics?


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