10 Tips to get your video marketing off the ground

Video marketing statisticsThink about the most memorable marketing campaigns you have stumbled across in recent months. A high proportion of these are likely to have included video and there’s a good reason why. Videos appeal to the major senses of sight and sound. They require little effort to ‘consume’ and are extremely easy to share. That’s why many go viral and those that don’t hit the extremes we sometimes see, still get viewed and shared.

A report from eMarketer last year said that the revenue from video marketing in 2013 was up by 40% on the previous year. Video marketing and the revenue from it is set to continue increasing. So much so that content marketing experts predict that:

As with any marketing activity, you need a strategy or plan.  Once you’ve worked out why and where you want to use video, made sure it fits in with your overall marketing and business objectives, then you’re ready to start.

Here are 10 tips for getting your video marketing campaign off the ground.

1. Keep it short
Engagement rates fall after four, so keep it brief. There are some good reasons for having a longer video, for example, a How To instruction video, but where possible, keep your video content short and to the point.

2. Transcribe your script
Google is fairly proficient when it comes to working out the meaning of video text, but transcribing your video content will give it a helping hand.

3. Create video rich snippets
These are the thumbnails that appear next to the content description. They give users a sense of what’s on the page and why it’s relevant to their query.

4. Tell a compelling story
Doing so will draw in your target audience and keep them watching until the end. Avoid sales jargon and keep the tone light.

5. Embed video to your site
Your video host will monopolise your traffic unless you embed your video into your own site.

6. Pay attention to sound
Video encompasses the viewer’s sense of hearing as well as sight, which is partly why it is so successful. Make sure the audio is clear and appealing.

7. Remember the ‘above the fold’ rule
If your video is important make sure it’s in the right place. If your site visitors have to scroll down the page to see your video, the chances are they may never view it.

8. Name it carefully
Don’t try to fool your visitors with sensationalised or misleading titles. If you do, they will simply feel misled, stop watching and won’t come back.

9. Give a clear call to action
It’s essential that your viewers know how to take the next step, whether that means pressing a  Like button, signing up for future communications, buying a product or giving you a call.

10. Keep going!
A 50% bounce rate is fairly standard, so don’t panic if not everyone watches your video right away. Make sure you review your data to help you work out what works well and what doesn’t.

Video marketing can help to raise the profile of your brand, boost your search engine rankings and improve consumer engagement with your posts.

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