The Art Of Social Media: Getting Your Brand Noticed

Social Media Tips

Marketing your SME on social media is no longer really an option as digital marketing continues to evolve. Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there and not a part-time exercise either. It should be considered a vital business function for lead generation, nurturing and networking.

Social media and other marketing efforts are all about raising brand awareness and increasing conversions but it can often be overwhelming. Consumers actively look at social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus before making a purchasing decision. Nowadays it’s not whether you should get active but more about how fast your brand can create a viable presence. Continue reading

Using Curated Content Properly

curated_content1If you want to know about content marketing there are hundreds of posts out there that can help you. They’ll tell you how to create headlines, how often to post, what to post and how to target your content to your personas.

Many of them will mention curating content, but often as a short statement when reminding you that you don’t have to create everything yourself. However, I’ve not come across many that tell you exactly what curated content is and how to use it.

What is Curated Content?

There are many ways of defining content curation, as shown in this article by Heidi Cohen. But what it boils down to, in the most simple term is content that has been written and published by other people that you have collected, categorised and want to share with your own fans, followers and groups because it adds value.

There are some important things to remember when using other people’s content as part of your own content marketing efforts if you want avoid being taken to task for plagiarism or stealing content.

Curating content does not mean taking other people’s content as written and posting it as your own.

When to use Curated Content

To have an effective content marketing plan you need to regularly post content on your blog and across multiple social media platforms. Unless you’re a big company who employs staff to do content all day every day, it’s highly unlikely you’ll have time to create unique and original content on the scale it’s needed. This is where curated content comes in. Using other people’s content to fill those gaps. Continue reading