7 Top tips to writing a good SMS copy

ink-295318_1280.pngWith 97% of text messages opened and read within 5 seconds of being received, SMS is by far the most powerful tool you have to target and reach your audience instantly. In addition response rates are incredible and can reach 40% if your campaign is successful. And to be successful with text messaging, the first step is to write the perfect SMS copy.

Here are our 7 tips to writing great SMS copy and making a success of your campaign.

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6 Step Guide To Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

If you’re doing any form of Content Marketing then you need a Content Marketing Strategy. Even if you already have one there’s no reason it can’t improve. In 2015 just having content isn’t enough. In fact just spending time creating content with little clear aim or value can harm your business.

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Five steps to getting your content marketing right

content_marketing-300x200Most content marketers know that posting regular, relevant content is key. It is important that your customers or clients get to know about you before they even need you, that’s where content marketing comes in. But have you really considered why people are reading your content? It’s not always as simple as just wanting your product or service.

Here are five steps to ensure that your content marketing ticks the right boxes:

1. Find out who your target audience is and speak to prospective customers. Ask them what sort of content they would find relevant and useful. As side benefits, this will show customers that you care about their needs and will also help to raise the profile of your brand. Continue reading