Overcoming Remote Working Challenges

remote working

This year hasn’t been what anyone expected but it is reality and the sooner we can all move on, the better. We are, of course, referring to the impact of Covid-19 on the global economy and how it has sped up remote working opportunities.

The global pandemic has forced many businesses to close their doors and encourage people to work remotely. For now, it seems to have helped ease the burden but there are several obstacles businesses must overcome to ensure the success of a remote working culture.

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A business strategy needn’t be difficult

blackboard showing a business strategyI’m always surprised when a business owner tells me that they don’t have a business strategy or plan in place, especially when they are talking about growing their business. Sometimes, there’s something, but it normally resembles more of a wish list than a plan. They kind of know that they want or need to do something but haven’t really thought through what that means.

The mere mention of drafting up a business strategy seems to scare people, but it needn’t be a scary process.

I coach kids rugby union and find myself increasingly making comparisons between business and sports coaching when talking to people. Basically, I like to explain things as simply as I can, I don’t see the need to over complicate or confuse things. If I take business strategy and liken it to my coaching season, there are many similarities. Continue reading