5 Tips for effective Use of QR Codes

QR CodeSome marketers think that QR codes are just a passing fad and only time will tell.  However, a properly used and displayed QR code can help businesses to increase sales and customer engagement in addition to allowing a business to gather important data.
The trick to enjoying these benefits is to put together a good marketing campaign that uses QR codes effectively and keep customers coming back again and again.  When setting up a marketing campaign using QR codes keep the following tips in mind.

  1. Have a Clear Purpose
    The key to success with QR codes is no different to any other marketing campaign – have clearly defined objectives.  Whether you want to issue discount coupons, provide information or simply collect data knowing exactly what you want to achieve will help you determine where you need to use the QR codes.
  2. Give People a Reason to Scan
    Scanning a QR code is quick and easy, but you have to give the customer a reason to scan.  It is vital that a simple instruction is printed next to or underneath  the code explaining why you should scan, for example “Scan this code to receive a free gift” The bigger the incentive, the more likely the customer will be to scan.  However, make sure your statement/offer is truthful and valid, if not you will very quickly lose customer trust.
  3. Location is Critical
    The decision of where to put your QR code is as important as what it has to offer.  If the code is somewhere that is difficult to access or competing for attention with other things, then it is likely that less people will scan.
  4. Use Designer Codes
    The standard black and white QR code will do the job, but a designer code may attract more customers.  A code designed for your brand not only increases recognition but can also provide the user with a certain sense of security as it is clearly tied in to your brand.
  5. Send Customers to a Mobile Friendly Site
    If the result of the user scanning to code is to be directed to a website make sure it is mobile friendly.  One of the worst things you can do is send users to a website that not only looks poor on a mobile phone but is also not easy to navigate.

Using QR codes to engage with users via their mobile phones is well worth the effort, for rewarding existing customers and also attracting new ones.  If you would like help to put together a mobile marketing campaign or strategy using QR codes, contact us on 01454 261111.


Using QR Codes to Drive Traffic to your Website

QR (Quick Response) codes are these barcode-like images that can be scanned by smart-phones, which store more information as compared to conventional barcodes. They can be linked to URLs directly.

This bar-coding technology is able to easily incorporate social media capabilities, custom landing pages and store text based information such as mailing addresses. These codes can be easily scanned by almost all iPhones, Androids or other camera enabled smart-phones which integrate barcode scanning applications. This will allow you to entice audiences with dynamic engagement strategies.

How your business can incorporate QR codes to build website traffic

  • Print medium. QR Codes can be printed in newspapers/magazines, posters, CD labels etc, where the person scanning the code can reach the mobile website of the advertiser.
  • Websites. These codes can be scanned from the primary website and in turn lead to the mobile website.
  • Business Cards. Your potential clients and business associates can scan the QR code on your business card and easily add you to their phone contacts.
  • Product Packaging. Incorporating QR codes on the packaging of your products can help provide vital information such as customer care contact details, user manuals and other vital information.
  • Direct Marketing and In-Shop Print Advertising. When used in your  print advertisements, mass mails or email signatures, QR Codes can help drive traffic and a consequent fan following to your social networking profiles on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.
  • Effective Event Management. You can print QR codes on tickets or invites of your event and link them to Google maps, RSVP pages and all other event related material.

Mobile marketing is inexpensive, immediate and personal. It’s a viable new way to create customer loyalty, increase awareness and boost sales. WSI can assist your business to optimise your marketing strategy leveraging this exciting new trend. Contact us today for a no obligation chat about your needs on 01454 261111.