8 Tips For Killer Christmas Email Marketing Campaigns

Christmas Email Marketing Campaigns

Christmas Email Marketing Campaigns are something everyone knows about but there’s a lot of pitfalls to avoid. The festive season is a great time to try and push your products. Retailers have known this for years so it’s no surprise to see the amount of time and money they pour into their festive marketing.

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7 Tips For A Successful Christmas PPC Campaign

Christmas Email MarketingThe ads are up, the shops have been stocked and the lights have been turned on across the country.

Christmas is just six weeks away but fear not! It’s not too late to activate your PPC campaigns.

The benefit of using PPC advertising is that you can quickly make your business website visible to the search engines, which can start generating traffic.


Here are 7 tips for a successful Christmas PPC campaign.

1. Themed Landing Page. When your advert is clicked on, a customer will expect to be directed to the product or offer on your website. A link to your homepage simply won’t do because it will require the customer to go searching. Having a landing page, dedicated to what your advert is promoting, will both target their searches as effectively as possible and will also showcase your best Christmas offers.
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5 reasons why you should be using email for Christmas

Christmas Email MarketingChristmas is a busy time for businesses and customers alike. But it’s not just the build up to Christmas when your email will be gratefully received. Those days after will be as equally important. In December 2012, British consumers spent 375million hours shopping online, 32million more than the previous year, and this is only expected to increase. 

To add to this, the average email open rate has increased over the last 12 months from 18.35% to 21.47%. This means that customers are increasingly engaging with their inbox whilst they are online because what they are receiving is of interest and relevance to them.

By coupling these facts together, you can drive those Christmas surfers to your business.
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