Looking for a top-quality Content Management System? Have you considered WordPress?

For some time now, WordPress has been the front-runner as far as CMS goes. In fact, they haven’t slowed down since their initial launch back in 2003 and continue to grow as it now powers 35% of all websites (Kinsta). WordPress version 5.3, which was released in November 2019, has already seen more than 8 million downloads.

So what makes WordPress such an impressive Content Management System? Why is it so popular among small, medium and large enterprises? While there are countless benefits of using this powerful CMS, we take a look at our top 12.

1. User Experience Is A Primary Focus

Considering the sheer number of websites and competition for attention, WordPress has a strong focus on user experience. The available standard and downloadable themes and plugins work together seamlessly to create professional, user-friendly and attractive websites.

Not only is it relatively simple for developers or designers to use but the end result is also a website that is clean, organised and easy to use for web visitors. Most visitors to WordPress websites enjoy the experience and stay on-page longer which results in an overall decrease in bounce rates.

Remember, Google rewards companies for greater user experience and if you want to improve your website’s SEO ranking, WordPress is the way to go.

2. WordPress Is Exceptionally Versatile

The WordPress CMS can be used for all kinds of websites from blogs and news portals to e-commerce and corporative pages. It is a well-known fact that WordPress is among the best Content Management Systems for landing pages or one-page websites.

The system has incredible functionality that nearly anyone can use to create the essentials required to attract existing and new customers. This CMS will ensure that everyone has a positive experience for them.

Further to that, everyday users such as bloggers, writers or e-commerce owners can easily and quickly review pages, add new info or update older content. The system has been designed in such a way that you don’t need programming skills, experience or special education.

3. Incredible Return On Investment

Let’s face it, everyone has a budget and web development can be a tricky one to manage properly. As with any start-up, owners typically have a limited budget which is usually just enough to hire a limited number of employees. For the most part, a few people working in the office at the start will be responsible for everything, including finances, marketing, design and sales.

While we strongly recommend that you use a professional web developer from the onset, at least with WordPress you can create a simple website on your own within a couple of days. Updates can also easily be made every day and won’t take that long either. Thanks to WordPress, you can reach your target audience easily with a minimum start-up investment while enjoying website traffic and conversions.

Top Tip:

It’s always best to use someone with SEO and web development experience to take your website to the next level. There is so much to know about technical SEO and best practices which is something a professional would be able to help you with.

4. Creating Quality Permalinks Is Super Simple

The problem with many online apps is that it can be rather complicated to create permalinks. However, that’s not the case in WordPress as it couldn’t be easier. Instead of having a URL with strange characters, numbers or irrelevant text, you are able to create something like this:

WordPress website SEO

WordPress permalink

The most crucial benefit of being able to edit your web page or blog article’s permalink is the fact that you can insert your primary keyword into the actual URL. This means your permalink will look good, provide all the necessary information and help you rank better on search engine results.

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5. Easily Manage Metadata

The importance of SEO titles and metadata cannot be ignored! These elements improve how search engines interpret your website’s relevance to what people typed into a search engine. Metadata helps search engine crawlers understand what your particular web or blog pages are about. It includes things like page title, page description and keywords.

By adding keywords to your metadata, the likelihood of your website ranking for those keywords increases significantly. This is exactly how WordPress can help with useful plugins like Yoast SEO which allows you to add metadata to all your posts.

WordPress Metadata

6. Optimising Images for SEO Has Never Been Easier

Images are essential to your web site pages and blog posts as they break up your content into more easily-digestible sections. However, images do more than generate interest in your text as they are also important for SEO.

WordPress gives you the ability to quickly and easily optimise your images to improve overall SEO ranking. Here are three ways you can accomplish this:

  • Simply “create alternative text” for each image you use by adding your keywords as image descriptions that search engine crawlers need
  • WordPress also allows you to use a special plugin that will automatically create image ‘alt text’
  • You can also easily resize your images to avoid slowing down your page loading speed

image optimisation

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7. WordPress Sites Typically Have Faster Loading Times

As per the last point in number 6 above, page loading speed is essential and one of the many Google ranking factors for mobile search. Remember, a slow website will undoubtedly frustrate users but it will also push your site down in SERP ranking.

WordPress has several amazing plugins that can help improve your site speed. One example is ‘ShortPixel Image Optimizer’ which will compress any PDF documents and images to speed up loading times. You should also consider ‘WPOptimize’ which caches your site, clears your database and will also compress your images.

8. Built-in Optimisation For Mobile

There’s no denying that mobile usage has grown incredibly over the last few years. In fact, mobile traffic has increased by as much as 222% in the last five years (source: BroadbandSearch).

Considering that more than half of all web traffic is from mobile devices, businesses can no longer ignore the mobile market. To remain competitive, you must consistently show up as high as possible in mobile search results and that means designing a mobile-friendly and responsive website.

A website that renders poorly on mobile devices will not only leave customers wanting but it can easily result in lower search engine rankings. The great thing about using WordPress is that you don’t have to do anything extra to make your website mobile-friendly. This is because most WordPress themes are already optimised for mobile users which makes your life so much easier.

9. Social Media Integration Is Easy

Social media is bigger today than ever before and this includes personal and business pages. Companies should take full advantage of social media as it is a powerful tool especially if you consider that “58% of consumers prefer content that focuses on the visual” (source: Sprout Index).

Social media is certainly one of the best platforms to promote your brand and it can also indirectly improve your SEO rankings. As a marketer, this means social media should go hand-in-hand with your online marketing campaign.

WordPress allows you to create customised social media buttons so readers can easily share your content. At the same time, you can add a social media feed to your site and automate your social media campaigns. What’s better than integrating your website and social media with a few clicks of a button?

10. Countless WordPress SEO-Specific Plugins

Anyone who has heard of WordPress knows there are countless plugins but the ones here are designed to help optimise your content for higher ranking. The road to your online success means choosing the right plugins and here are three of the very best:

By using the Google Analytics plugin, you never have to leave your WordPress dashboard to see the GA reports. It allows you to see which pages stand out thanks to detailed statistics. Within this data, you will be able to see the number of clicks on your banner ads, affiliate and outbound links.

11. WordPress Can Easily Add Categories And Tags

Do you want your visitors to easily find what they are looking for? What about keeping all of your articles super organised?

Categories and tags can help you sort all of your content while making it much easier for users to find what they are looking for. Once you’ve created your categories, all you do is click on the ‘Document’ tab in the top right corner and check the relevant boxes. Here is an example of how easy it is to add tags and categories to your articles.

blog categories

blog tags

While both categories and tags are limited to blog posts, there is a plugin that allows you to add these into WordPress pages. It’s called ‘Post Tags and Categories for Pages’ and below is a video from WPBeginner showing how this is done.

12. Easily Integrate With Many Other Applications

As highlighted above, we know that WordPress can easily integrate with Google Analytics and Yoast SEO. What about other software tools or applications? We won’t go into the nitty-gritty of API calls or integration as that is too technical at this point. However, you can find some interesting information from WordPress Developer Resources.

Here are a few of the many tools or apps that seamlessly integrate with the WordPress CMS:

  • WooCommerce (plugin for online shopping brands)
  • ConvertKit (plugin for email campaigns, landing pages, and forms)
  • WPForms (for forms and feedback)
  • LiveChat (adds live chat support to your site)
  • Sucuri or Wordfence (some of the best security software)
  • G-Suite (for your documents, spreadsheets, and emails)

These software tools and applications will help your WordPress website run smoothly while boosting engagement rates which will automatically improve your SEO ranking.

Final Thoughts

WordPress is one of the easiest tools to create a website, even for people without any knowledge of coding. There are thousands of themes to choose from which are all mobile and SEO-friendly which makes it easier to rank on search engine result pages.

To summarise, WordPress is the logical choice for many reasons but none more than the following:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Exceptional customer experience
  • Fluid design capabilities and simple content management
  • Good security features
  • Many SEO benefits
  • Countless plugins
  • Easy integration with social media and and other tools or apps

If you’re looking for a trusted digital marketing agency capable of promoting your brand successfully in 2020, get in touch with WSI eMarketing today. You can also request a FREE consultation where we will discuss the requirements of your marketing strategy and, together, create a solution perfectly suited for your business.

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