I wrote an article two weeks ago introducing the new social media platform Blab. In this blog I’m going to talk about exactly what it is that makes Blab such a powerful tool for marketing in 2015. A study conducted last year found that 84% of Millenials (18-32) don’t trust advertisements and that for the majority of them, friends or review sites were the go to place to find a trusted reccomendation. 88% of Millenials get at least a portion of their news from Social Media.

What this means for marketers is you need to engage your audience more than ever. Passive Display Ads might get you some brand recognition but they’re not going to get people talking about you. Have you ever seen a banner ad that’s got you excited enough to talk to a friend about it? I don’t think I have for a very, very long time.

Blab is a platform that can really give you a way to engage directly with your customers but in a medium that everyone can see. Messaging people on Twitter can give you exposure and keep your great customer service out in the open. But who really follows Twitter conversations? Not casual customers, that’s for sure. Youtube videos with Q&As can be a good way to answer customer questions, but they don’t feel interactive. Podcasts suffer from the same problem.

There are a ton of ways you can use Blab to promote your business and conduct low-key market research

  • Customer Q&A
  • Expert Interviews
  • Developer/Team talks
  • Product Demos
  • Promotional talks and Business updates
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Customer Service events
  • Industry/Partner Showcases

Blab has a ‘hotseat’ feature whereby once you have a Blab started people can jump in and out of it. As the host you can control who jumps in and can switch them off at any point. This allows for a great level of interaction with customers and guests without committing to having them present for a full session. You can have customers or viewers jump in to ask questions, share insights or give feedback. The fact that you can use Blab on your PC/Mac or as an App gives it a real edge over Periscope in my opinion. So far the functionality of Blab has been great, I’ve only encountered a glitch on one occasion and it really wasn’t a huge issue. Considering how new Blab is, this is really encouraging as far as having faith in its stability goes.

Set Up Blab For Marketing

Setting up a Blab is childs play, the UI is beautifully clean and simple

5 Tips When Using Blab For Marketing

  1. Invite The Right People – There are already a lot of people on Blab, you’d be surprised by some of the people already Blabbing! Invite industry experts to have discussions with you or maybe people associated with a product you’re selling. Make sure you’re inviting people that are going to add to the conversation though. I’ve already been in a couple of Blabs where it seems like an echo chamber. This might be what you want if you’re giving a certain kind of talk, but think about the content you’re producing and plan your guests appropriately.
  2. Leverage Existing Popular Balb Personalities – This point is closely related my first. To get people committing to your Blabs you’re going to need to build some popularity. Try to get involved with Blabs relating to what you want to be Blabbing about. Just as with other Social Networks you don’t want your content and contributions to be all ‘Me, Me, Me.’ Get out in other people’s Blabs and contribute with some quality insights and people will want to hear more from you.
  3. Schedule Your Blabs – Built into Blab there is a scheduling functionality. This means there will automatically be Tweets published when you’re about to go Live. App users will also receive push notifications when Blabbers they’re following are going to broadcast. This is great for keeping your fans aware of your content, but also useful for you to keep abreast of who’s talking about what relating to your industry.
  4. Make The Most Of The Recording Options – The record and replay function on Blab is one of the big draws for me. With a simple click of a button you can record up to 6 hours of Blabbing and as the host you get access not only to the full video but also to an audio only copy and the embed code. That means for every Blab you’ve got a ready made piece of content you can put wherever you like! A word of warning though, make sure you hit that record button, if you forget there’s no way to get that Blab back! Throughout your Blab you can pause recording if you go wildly off topic and don’t want that section in your recorded Blab which helps to save on editing.
  5. Get Familiar With Commands and Chat – We’ve found that in the bigger Blabs trying to keep up with the chat and contribute can become a bit overwhelming. Having someone dedicated to watching the chat and feeding you the relevant questions and comments can help to keep things running smoothly, especially if you want to use the Blab recording as a podcast or something similar. Within the chat function the host can use commands to change the topic of the Blab as it goes on. Not enough people are using this feature in my opinion, there’s nothing worse than going into an interesting sounding Blab only to find out it’s no longer got anything to do with it’s title subject.

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