Last week we spoke about the importance of Twitter marketing, Twitter Lists and how to customise your profile. We hope that you applied what you learned to your Twitter profile as part two reveals even more marketing tips. Before long, by following our Twitter marketing tips, you’ll be able to make a considerable difference in your brand’s social media marketing efforts. Let’s get started!

Twitter Chat

A Twitter chat is a public conversation that takes place on Twitter around one unique hashtag. This specific hashtag allows people to follow the conversation and also participate if they wish to do so. This is great way to engage with your followers more and discuss a particular topic. You can also create a real sense of community by asking your target audience for their opinions on a project you’re working on.

Twitter chats are often recurring and focus on specific topics to help connect people with similar interests. For example, a community of bloggers will connect using the #Blogchat hashtag. While there are long lists of Twitter chats, here are some of the most popular:

  • #SEMrushchat
  • #BlogTrends
  • #ContentChat
  • #Luv4Social
  • #SEOChat
  • #CMWorld

All you need when hosting a TweetChat is a topic for discussion, set a time and date and create a hashtag. From there, simply share this information with your followers in a tweet, blog post, newsletter or in your Twitter bio.

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Online Advertising With Twitter

We’ve already established that online advertising, like PPC, is extremely beneficial but how does it fit into your Twitter marketing strategy? Well, it’s much of the same when advertising on Twitter where it can help you reach a wider audience. It enables more potential customers to easily find your tweets, helping you increase your influence and brand following. You can achieve this in two ways – promoted tweets or Twitter Ads.

Promoted Tweets

As the name suggests, promoted tweets are relatively straightforward. You essentially pay to ‘promote’ a specific tweet which will subsequently appear in Twitter streams or Twitter search results of specific users. This works really well for brands wanting to send more traffic to a specific webpage.

Setting it up includes, among others, indicating the type of audience you’d like to reach. Depending on your settings, Twitter places your promoted tweets in a daily campaign that only targets the type of people you chose. Every Twitter user can interact and engage with Twitter Ads just as they would with any organic content.

Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads are especially useful if your brand uses different types of tweets to achieve one specific business goal. It can really help grow your follower base and significantly increase brand awareness on the social networking platform.

As with everything in marketing, measuring and analysing data is essential which is why you can stipulate goals and conversions. Your business can choose different objectives for your Twitter ads and those include video views, app installs, website conversions and audience targeting for specific campaigns. In the end, your decisions here will ultimately determine the price of running your ad.

Boost Traffic To Your Website

Twitter can be a great source of traffic straight to your website provided you know how to use it effectively. As mentioned earlier, there are certain things you need to do in your Twitter bio but there is so much more. Here are some ways you can use Twitter to direct traffic to your website for better conversions and sales.

  • Include your website’s URL on your Twitter profile
  • Add links to your web pages and blogs in your tweets
  • Include links to your website within your tweets (just don’t overdo it)
  • Retweet content that includes a direct link to your website or relevant blogs that other people have shared
  • Embed tweets on your website with a Twitter Timeline
  • Get started with Twitter Ads and drive visitors to a specific landing page on your site

Considering you only have a limited number of characters, make sure your tweets answer questions or provide helpful info. Always check that any links that you post actually work and always be helpful.

Create Interesting Twitter Moments

Twitter Moments are effectively collections of tweets covering a specific topic or an event. These are curated stories, if you will, which showcase all the best things happening on Twitter. A good example is Twitter’s Moments section as it includes categories for “Today”, “News”, “Entertainment”, and “Fun.”

It really is a compilation of tweets about your topic of choice and it’s quite easy to create your own Twitter Moment. Some brands may want to organise their Twitter Moments into groups of specific tweets to help market an event or industry-related news. It also helps with your Twitter marketing tactics as these ‘stories’ offer an engaging way to promote topic discussions.

Verify Your Twitter Profile

Considering there are fake accounts across all social media platforms, you can ask Twitter to verify your profile. Just remember that they usually only accept verification requests if you’re in “music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, business, and other key interest areas.”

That being said, if Twitter does verify your profile, you will see a badge with a blue checkmark inside appear next to your Twitter handle. A verified account prevents your target audience from following and an impersonator or accounts with similar content and usernames (or handles). A verified Twitter account also makes your business appear more legitimate which builds customer trust and brand loyalty.

Increase Follower Count

It seems quite obvious that the more Twitter followers you have, the more people are looking at your business. Truth is, there is a better change of improving brand awareness and increasing website traffic if you have more followers. Just remember to keep track of engagement levels as well because 10,000 followers don’t mean much if nobody interacts with you.

There are several ways you can get more Twitter followers and we’ve listed a few below:

  • Listen to and engage with your audience
  • Post regular, quality and shareable content
  • Create other engaging content like polls, giveaways, competitions or surveys
  • Respond to mentions and retweets professionally and timeously
  • Make sure your tweets are interesting and engaging
  • Use links, photos, videos and hashtags
  • Share achievements like workplace awards or staff excellence
  • Go mobile (80% of Twitter users are active on mobile)
  • Use unique hashtags

Final Thoughts On Twitter Marketing

Before firing off loads of tweets, get to know the site first. Follow businesses similar to yours and see how they are using Twitter to promote their brand. Examine their ways of posting, who they are mentioning (@username) and which hashtags they use. Work out who your target customers are likely to be and make sure that your Twitter handle and company bio draw the right kind of attention.

If you’re using Twitter successfully, why not share some of your tips with our readers? For those who need expert advice on social media marketing, please give us a call on 01453 542761. You may also get in touch through our website or our blog for weekly WSI wisdom.

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