Boost customer satisfaction and streamline bookings with SMS Marketing

SMS marketing allows you to keep your customers up to date with alerts and travel updates at any time. With an unparalleled average open rate of 98%, SMS beats all other forms of communication for ease, speed and value – and is very cost-effective.


The ease with which messages can be composed and sent to many recipients with Textlocal’s bulk SMS messaging service allows information on flight delays, or other time sensitive information to be easily dispatched to those who need it most, further building customer goodwill and brand loyalty.

The contact gathering and sorting functions within the Textlocal business make it an absolute cinch for businesses in the travel and tourism industries to provide tailored offers to specific customer demographics; ensuring that customers only receive information and offers that are most relevant to them!

Textlocal’s advanced features create messages that are so much richer than just 160 characters – and we have a range of solutions for other areas of your business too.

Live travel updates

Flight delayed? Bus broken down? Unexpected traffic causing disruption? Keep those customers affected in the know with real-time SMS updates

Specific updates

Provide a short code and keyword for your customers to text in and get real-time information on the running of your services

Mobile tickets

Make bookings more convenient for your customers with secure, trackable mobile tickets that you can send via SMS

Mobile vouchers

Encourage purchases in quiet times with highly customisable mobile vouchers. Send in a text then redeem through your Messenger platform, the Textlocal app or your EPOS platform

SMS loyalty scheme

Keep your customers coming back with a personalised loyalty scheme, offering rewards for choosing your services

Attract new customers

Include a short code and keyword in your advertising to provide potential customers with a quick and easy way to register their interest

Streamline your communications

Make your customer communications process run even smoother with seamless API integration with a huge range of software

Confirm bookings

Instantly send automated travel booking confirmations to give your customers peace of mind within five seconds

For more insights on how you can use text marketing for travel gencies and in the tourism industry, you can access our library and download our case studies from happy Textlocal customers, and our Free Business Mobile Marketing Guides

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Or if you just want to get started, get a 3 months Free Trial with our Corporate Package!

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