Google Business Profiles Case Study Part Two

Now that you have a better understanding of how Google Business Profile works and the incredible benefits, let’s take a closer look at part two of the case study (If you’ve not read part one you can do so here: “How can Garages & Tyre Depots increase their business by leveraging Google Business Profiles?“). We will highlight the results from a multi-site operator who has fully embraced Google Business Profiles and what they achieved over the past 12-18 months.

To date, it’s been slightly more than 12 months since the multi-site SME implemented an effective Google Business Profile Strategy with the help of WSI-eMarketing. To provide some context, this SME provides vehicle servicing, MOTs, tyres, exhausts, brakes and vehicle checks among many others across England. Since using GMB, they have seen the benefits first-hand and recorded some impressive results.

How Google Business Profile Helped Boost Growth, Search Relevance And Visibility On SERPs

To start with, they simply used monthly reporting from Google Business Profiles to see how big the uplift in inbound telephone enquiries was for tyres, servicing and MOTs. However, they soon realised that they could only measure the call data when someone ‘clicks to call’ from a mobile device. This, of course, did not include people who see the number on their screen and then dial it.

To complement their efforts, they implemented Call Tracking or recording to measure with 100% accuracy where the calls were coming from. This included sources such as their PPC campaigns, Google Business Profiles, Facebook, radio ads etc. Upon analysing the results with WSI-eMarketing, they realised the following:

  • PPC contributed 17% of their enquiries
  • Organic search 5%
  • Google Business Profile accounted for 68% (June 2019 accounted for over 65 calls per day)

How Google My Business can help save on ad spend

How Much Did They Save?

The SME in this case study reported significant savings as they were able to halve their PPC budget from approximately £10k to £5k per month. At the same time, without any ad spend, they increased their telephone inbound enquiries through their business listings.

Putting that into monetary terms – in the first year, Google Business Profiles saved them £60k in their PPC budget. Interestingly, the equivalent value of leads they would’ve had to generate via PPC would have roughly been £240k. They only had to invest a fraction of that to achieve these astonishing results.

An added benefit is that they didn’t have to start from a zero position as Google Business Profiles, or Google My Business at least was born long ago. It was known as Google Local back in March 2004 and has continued to evolve into the powerful marketing tool it is today.

Investing In Google Business Profiles

Google Business Profiles are central to Google’s desire to be ‘the place’ where everyone in the world goes to find what they are looking for. Businesses that embrace this can reap significant rewards but it won’t happen automatically as it requires some effort – something we discussed in detail in part one

It has become clear through the introduction of sponsored business listings – those with “Ad” next to them – Google is looking to monetise this success. For now, though, most businesses can take advantage of this channel for free but it could become another paid channel before long.

However, get it right now, and when the next development phase arrives, you’ll be in a prime position to outsmart your competition. For example, in America Google is currently expanding its LSA and ‘Google Screened’ offering. And from experience, when something is launched in the US first, it typically hits the UK a year or so later!

How WSI eMarketing And CAM Can Help SME’s

CAM is now working closely with WSI-eMarketing as one of their ‘Trusted Partners’. Whether you need a new website or overhaul your existing one to help improve conversions, we work together to develop your website while fully integrating with all of CAM’s amazing apps.

One such example is a pilot programme of a new, ground-breaking Vehicle Inspection App which can be integrated with Marketing Automation to drive increased sales. More on this in future posts!

If you want to improve customer retention, repurchases or cross-sales, we help establish automated processes for Service and MOT reminders. We can also set up follow-ups for issues identified through your regular Vehicle Health Inspections or advisories to keep your customers coming back.

Need A Sound Google Business Profile Strategy?

Over and above the normal Google Business Profile offering, there are also ancillary services we provide such as the Google Business Profile ‘Strategy Development’, which includes Online Reputation Management which is a game-changer in today’s digital world.

With specific reference to building a winning Google Business Profile Strategy, we make sure you know how everything fits together while helping you manage your location(s) on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This includes providing the following services:

  • Laying out all your information in a way that Google will reward
  • Help you gain and manage reviews (a vital component which also impacts your enquiry/sales conversion rates from all channels)
  • Manage your weekly posts/offers
  • Update your products/services
  • Install call tracking and recording
  • Help manage your photos, videos and 360° tour if helpful
  • Integrate with your PPC campaigns (if any)


If a business truly understands how to leverage its power effectively, Google Business Profiles can have a massive impact on its business performance. Take a look at this infographic portraying the Evolution of Google My Business.

Advertising and marketing budgets are often a sore subject for small to medium businesses as their bigger counterparts have deeper pockets and an entire department at their disposal. Thanks to GMB, CAM and experts like WSI-eMarketing, the playing field has been levelled to some extent.

So, with all that in mind, if you want to take the next step contact us today to find out how we can help you build a profitable and sustainable Google Business Profile Strategy.

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