With everything seemingly at a standstill as most are adhering to the COVID-19 lockdown, how do you stay busy? The situation may be slightly different for people working from home but not so much for those on furlough. Without having to do any work and not being allowed to travel, it’s time to get creative.  

As the coronavirus continues to spread through the UK, everyone knows the number one rule is to STAY AT HOME. Implementing the COVID-19 lockdown was a necessary step and required a united effort to try and curb the spread. Not only does this keep you and your family safe but also those around you and helping the NHS in the process.

COVID-19 Lockdown Ideas

There are several things you can do from learning a new language, teaching yourself a new skill to meditating and taking a virtual tour. We’ve listed a few ways you can stay busy during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Teach Yourself Something New

For some, learning a new skill could mean knitting, origami or photography but for others, it’s all about expanding their knowledge base for business. With the COVID-19 lockdown in place, entrepreneurs and companies from around the world are offering free online courses or training. This includes things like blog writing tips, social media marketing and public speaking to learning more about STEM.

Our top picks:

Learn To Code

If the modern world is anything to go by, learning to code is another great way to upskill while in lockdown. For beginners, start with an online course from Codeacademy offering free classes and paid monthly memberships. You will get set projects, have access to step-by-step guidance from coding experts and peer support, all from the comfort of your home.

If it’s something you want to do with the kids, try Blockly or Scratch for free creative computer programming. For a fun experience for eight-year-olds and higher, get to grips with Detective Dot. It is focused on encouraging women to work in tech and while it’s not free, the megapack includes plenty of cool stuff:

  • a storybook that doubles as a lesson in coding
  • six STEM-based missions
  • stickers sheets
  • a personalised letter from the mock-CIA
  • membership card and a lifetime CIA membership to online missions and games

Learn To Cook Creatively

Now is the ideal time to elevate your cooking skills by learning from top chefs. Of course, this doesn’t mean going out and buying a ton of groceries as it’s best to stay indoors. Only shop when absolutely necessary and try to cook with what you have in the pantry. Start by downloading the Supercook app on Android or iOS. Here you can list your available ingredients and it will find a recipe you can use.

Even if you don’t have all the ingredients, you can still watch and learn from the incredibly talented Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay and Nigella Lawson. Here are some amazing videos with cooking tips and recipes.

Best Of Nigella Lawson’s Comfort Food | Compilations

Jamie Oliver’s Egg Fried Rice

Gordon Ramsay’s Favourite Simple Recipes

Learn A New Language During The COVID-19 Lockdown

Speaking multiple languages is hugely beneficial and those who do are often in high demand. It opens up the door to more career choices from a tour guide operator to online support or international sales. Besides careers, speaking another language can help when travelling abroad, not to mention enriching yourself.

It may not be the easiest thing to do but if you are serious about learning a new language, now is the best time to start. While there are several great online apps, like Duolingo, you will have a more in-depth understanding when attending classes or online courses with Coursera, for example.

Take A Virtual Trip

Considering you are not allowed to travel, why not bring the destination to you? Among other technologies, Virtual Reality has transformed the way we see the world. Some of the brightest minds from across the globe have created 360° high-definition, 3D panoramic views of just about anything.

From businesses and universities developing virtual tours to tourist destinations for all to see, the world is your digital oyster. Here is one of our very own 360° virtual tours of the Leckhampton Court Hospice using a drone. Whether it’s drone footage or camera stills and video recordings, there is so much to create and see.  

Stay Busy With WSI eMarketing

WSI specialise in all things digital marketing and while there isn’t necessarily an online course, we have loads of content you can access for free. Our articles cover a variety of topics along with online resources available on our website:

We encourage everyone to stay at home and for businesses to provide remote working opportunities for those who can. By working together during the COVID-19 lockdown, we can help the NHS to ‘flatten the curve’ and limit the spread of coronavirus. For all the latest updates on the coronavirus in the UK, visit the government’s information page.

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