Content creation can be challenging depending on what you write, where you post it and who you are targeting. It can even get a little trickier when you want to use it with social media but whatever you decide to create, always make sure it’s worth reading. Don’t simply write a blog for the sake of writing a blog, make it count for something and the same applies to social media.

In today’s digital world, content creation comes with many distractions and ideals in terms of showing up on popular lists and sites. That’s without even mentioning backlinks, SEO strategy and influencers which can all be rather overwhelming. What can you do to avoid being distracted and make your content creation strategy work for you?

Distractions Associated To Content Creation

Everyone has their own way of getting the creative juices flowing and sometimes trying to be perfect is half the problem. Of course, we should all strive to do the best we possibly can but nobody is perfect. When it comes to content creation, “perfection” should not be the primary focus but also creating relevant, interesting content that your ideal audience will engage with.

Your routine should not involve spending hours moving around images, words, titles or trying too hard to extend your blog post. Word count is important but your time is better spent on researching trending topics, identifying your target audience and ensuring everything is SEO-ready. Either way, your first few blog posts, podcasts or videos probably won’t be “perfect” but at least you would have created quality content. You can always make tweaks later to further enhance the quality.

Breaking The Shackles

People are strange (and wonderful) creatures as so much of our confidence and success lies in what we believe. Many content writers feel that everyone judges what they publish or that the language isn’t good enough. Therein lies the problem in all aspects of content creation. Does it really matter what someone thinks of YOUR opinion?

Content creation is not all facts or stats as everyone is allowed their say. Besides, shouldn’t it also be educational and fun? This actually brings us to the next point of people always believing everything they see online. Just because many people agree on something on social media doesn’t make it gospel. Don’t be afraid to voice your own opinion, speak your truth and let people decide for themselves and they may surprise you.

Successful Content Creation Strategy

If we go back a few years, people didn’t relate all that well to buzzwords like ‘content marketing’, ‘content creation’ and ‘content is king’. That has changed in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive world where every brand wants to make a statement. Content marketing has become a necessity rather than a means to an end.

Any brand that wants to grow their business and convert leads into customers should build relationships with their target audience. For a consistently good brand image, you must put in the hard yards and develop a strong content marketing strategy. With everyone chasing the dream, competition in content creation is even harder now. The only way to get, and stay, ahead is by following these simple tips.

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Know Who You Are Targeting

Content creators waste so much time if they don’t know who to speak to or how to speak to them. Then there is the issue of deciding on the next topic or what to publish on social media, not to mention identifying opportunities for paid media. Understanding who your target audience is and where your PPC efforts should be focused will result in better and more relevant content.

The best way to identify and segment your market is by asking a few simple questions which are part of creating your own buyer personas:

  • Who are you targeting?
  • What do you think your target audience wants?
  • When are most of your target audience online?
  • Where do they live, work and find entertainment?
  • Why is your target audience online?

Using Google Search Console

You can use Google Search Console to identify the top-performing keywords or phrases on your website. This will help you optimise your content accordingly and understand your visitor’s search patterns. Google Search Console can assist you with the following:

  • Monitor, test, and track your Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) pages with tools and reports
  • Test and improve the mobile usability of your website with customised reports
  • Structured data appears as rich results on Google Search
  • Receive email alerts when Google identifies an issue on your site
  • Submit sitemaps and URLs for crawling to get your content ranked higher on Google
  • Check your index coverage and make sure that Google sees the latest version of your site

Split Your Content Into A Series

Lengthy content is great but it can often be challenging to create and hard to digest. While long content pieces certainly have their merits, you could split them into a series of pieces. This makes it easier to read and understand without losing their value or appeal. Use your most engaging topics and break them up into a series. Post them monthly or bi-weekly to make your job so much easier while adding incredible value to your audience.

If you can serialise your content, you will be able to add more CTAs and other conversion opportunities. Businesses that have shown success with by using downloadable content, infographics or email drip campaigns. Some of the content they use includes checklists and guides, videos, e-books or detailed analysis reports. To encourage more engagement, you could also offer the serialised content only to active email subscribers.

Create Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is information that is useful over time and won’t become obsolete. The topics remain relevant so it’s not time-sensitive and continues to drive traffic long after publishing. A simple example of evergreen content includes tips on how to change a flat tyre. While there are different cars, the process for changing a tyre remains the same for most vehicles. That means the tips will be legitimate for a long time and that will increase traffic from search engines and social media sites.

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Headlines And Content Creation

Considering that most people online only scan content as opposed to read everything thoroughly, a good headline is essential. Generating striking headlines that are worth sharing could significantly improve the number of clicks. Majority of viral content has powerful headlines and one way to do this is by being ambiguous. At the end of the day, you want to leave readers wanting to click and read more.

One example of a truly compelling headline comes in the form of teasing your audience with a question. Let’s assume for a minute there is a new social networking app being launched specifically for mobile. Now, a good headline could be something like “Why This App Could Be The New LinkedIn For Mobile?” An even better headline might state “Could This App Spell The Demise of LinkedIn?

Post According To A Schedule

As mentioned earlier, content written in a series can be helpful in engaging with your audience. Sending out a series of content will show them when you are publishing next which will encourage them to be more active during specific times.

It’s vital that you have content scheduled in advance for all of your social media profiles and your own business. If you don’t have tons of content yet, simply post consistently on specific days and times every week. Engagement rates will be better, the content creation team will be more organised and have time to create compelling content.

For more ins-and-outs of content creation, check out this article from Jeff Bullas. It shows everything you need to know about creating shareable content.


If you truly know your target audience, the better it is for your business and for them. By simply asking what their main struggles are, you can find loads of content ideas for your free and paid content. You need to invest time and effort into understanding your audience, connect with them and they will start showing up more consistently. Now is the time to engage with them, listen to their feedback even if it’s negative.

Something else you could do to create better connections is to start using the same words they are. It may sound simple but it’s all about relating to them for a better brand experience. For more interesting tips, here’s another article where we cover content creation, content marketing and PPC. Learn all you can about keywords, CTAs, copywriting and different content ideas for maximum results.

Looking For A Digital Marketing Agency For Content Creation?

Working with a reputable digital marketing agency can help grow your business while ensuring your brand stands out from the crowd. Are you ready to step into the content creation and digital marketing ring?

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