WSI eMarketing works closely with clients from various sectors providing full-house digital marketing services, including case studies. From self storage and engineering to vehicle service centres, vehicle rental companies, pharmacy training, charities, Telehealth and IT companies, we’ve helped many customers grow their businesses and ensure they remain top of mind.

One way of doing this is by consistently creating quality content, being active on social media and, of course, case studies and testimonials. Most recently, a specialised IT company, MSP Lab, approached WSI eMarketing to help create the right type of content to help put their business in front of more people with something tangible.

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Who Is MSP Lab?

The MSP LAB Team

MSP Lab is recognised as a trusted advisor with clients of all sizes across the UK. From leading UK Independent schools to mid-market law firms and enterprises; they have the expertise and experience to solve challenges and deliver transformational IT.

While MSP Lab was officially formed in February 2021, co-founders Adam and Dean have been working together for about six or seven years through different roles at various organisations. Their background is in technical engineering and worked with hundreds of mid-market businesses and organisations across the UK in positions such as engineers, IT managers and IT directors

Through their extensive experience, they found the gap in the market where IT governance, in particular, was much needed. This prompted them to move into a consultancy capacity which set the tone for them to go it alone and launch MSP Lab.

How Did MSP Lab Start Working With WSI eMarketing?

When Adam and Dean started MSP Lab, they were very keen to be public about the business and wanted to have a good online presence. Since they knew Rob previously, he had called to pass on good wishes for their new venture which got the wheels turning.

Their first ‘marketing hurdle’ of sorts was around content and getting some collateral to pass on to people. It was at this time they realised it would be a good idea to reach out to Rob and his team at WSI eMarketing.

We always advocate to our clients that they should buy in expertise and work with us to help them manage their IT requirements better. As such, it made sense to do the same with our own marketing efforts which is when we approached WSI eMarketing.

Dean Turner – Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, MSP LAB

Working With Industry Experts: The Cornerstone Of Success

While MSP Lab may not be marketing gurus, they had an idea of what to do and how they wanted to achieve it. They believe there is merit in working with experts who know what they are doing which results in getting things done much faster and more efficiently.

By partnering with WSI eMarketing, we could leverage their expertise to help fast track our marketing provision. With their help, we were able to quickly create the materials necessary to endorse our services and gain a bigger foothold in a congested marketplace. WSI eMarketing exceeded all expectations through expert consulting, quality materials and speedy delivery, which added tremendous value.

How Did WSI eMarketing Help MSP Lab?

One of the first calls involved asking Rob for some input on their website which they had built from scratch in a short space of time. After making a few suggestions, the next step was to create some collateral around their services and that involved putting together case studies. Since MSP’s clients were highly impressed with their service offering, it made sense to spread the word.

The idea was to create case studies or testimonials to go onto blog posts, their website and social media. Since COVID was no longer impacting events, WSI eMarketing suggested turning these case studies into videos and PDFs. They could play the videos on a screen at the event whilst handing out PDFs with all the essential bits of information.

In summary, WSI eMarketing helped do the following:

Case Study - How WSI-eMarketing Helped MSP Lab

Example of one of those case studies

Helping To Implement A Winning Business Strategy

Since the industry is heavily saturated with around 700,000 companies in the UK offering similar services, it can be difficult to stand out. A great way MSP Lab could set itself apart was to engage with prospects using the printouts. Whether the client or someone they know needs IT service, having a tangible business document to hand out is hugely beneficial.

By having physical case studies, they can simply print a few before an event and hand them out as they see fit. When talking to a potential customer about a similar project, for example, they can refer them to the case study to see first hand how MSP Lab can help.

When people receive something tangible, they often keep it close at hand even though they may not need anything right away. But perhaps in a few months, they could face similar IT issues as those in the case studies which would prompt them to contact MSP Lab.

Creating The Right Type Of Content

One of the best things about case studies in general, but MSP Lab’s in particular, is that it comes from the heart of the people running the business. In this case, if a bursar from another school has a particular problem or is not quite sure know how to solve it, these case studies show exactly what they need.

Whether they found it on Google or was given a printout at an event, at least MSP Lab was able to give them an idea of where to go. What helps, even more, is that the two case studies are very well known within the independent school sector which is one of their main targets.

A big issue today is that many marketers try to package their products without necessarily knowing what the reader’s pain points might be. These testimonials help MSP Lab demonstrate their high level of engagement while clearly articulating what they do, how they helped the client and what the client had to say about them.

Case Studies Can Help Build Credibility

Today, businesses must face the fact that people consume information differently in the digital world. Some people prefer to watch a video while others would rather read an article. By giving the same information in different formats, the user can take control of how they want to consume that information.

Since creating the case study videos and PDFs, MSP Lab sees these assets as an integral part of its new business strategy. In addition to handing out the PDFs, a summarised version was created to use in a variety of formats. This includes their blog, website, email marketing and social media where the shortened videos would be particularly useful.

I think we wouldn’t be able to do as well as we do without testimonials. While we can talk about our credibility, these materials are effectively endorsements of MSP Lab seen by people in the same peer group.

Adam Brigham – Co-Founder & CEO, MSP LAB

How Has The Case Studies Helped MSP Lab?

Since producing the videos, the blog and PDFs, MSP Lab has attended two events in the past quarter. One was in London with medium-sized, independent schools and the second one was a much larger independent schools event in Wales.

We came away from the event in Wales with 40 leads so it was hugely successful. I know that Adam has done it previously in different roles but we haven’t seen quite that response before. One of the things that worked well was the ability to grab a printed copy of the case study and hand it to the person we were having a conversation with.

It was really good that we had supporting collateral to match the conversations we were having. We handed out hundreds of copies at the event including the service and governance, network security and our virtual IT director service.

How Did WSI eMarketing Create The Case Studies?

Like most organisations, it is often difficult to produce IT case studies since they don’t necessarily want the world to know the technologies they are employing or how they go about doing things. In the case of MSP Lab and their clients, we had to tread lightly around certain aspects while doing our utmost to get the right message across as per the stipulated guidelines.

Case studies typically take a while to produce as it involves finding time to talk to the relevant people and asking the right questions. The first one will always take a little longer as it involves all the qualifying questions, what we can and can’t share as well as getting the right footage from the client to deliver the most impactful content.

Instead of jotting down everything we did, it’s best you read what Adam and Dean had to say. If you have any questions or want to know more, please email us or call 01453 542761.

What MSP Lab Had To Say

If someone is looking to produce case studies, they are a must and would highly recommend working with a company like WSI. You can fast track everything and avoid a lot of hassle.

One of the main challenges is getting the time from the customer to sit down and interview them and get the material and the copy that you need. Thanks to WSI, we only had to set up the meeting from where they liaised directly with the client and took care of everything. The truth is, you probably get an even more accurate view and clearer opinions because we were not there.

Benefits Of Having Case Studies

When you start putting your case study into different forms of media, be it social media, you have it on your website, or you can take it to events. It also makes it much easier to track the return on that investment.

It’s nice to just be able to simply attach those and immediately have something that they can read and engage with. But also, I think the best bit about them is the fact that there are logos and schools that people will recognise. This will help to immediately establish credibility that would otherwise not have been possible without those case studies.

MSP Lab has registered for various business directories where procurement advisors and people in procurement roles can seek out services like theirs. They’ve now added their case studies in PDF format so users can download them from these directories. They are also planning to use the PDF version and short video to help with their cold calling and email marketing.

MSP LAB Stand showing the selection of printed ‘Case Study’ hand-outs

Would You Recommend Working With WSI eMarketing?

I think the independent school sector and sort of the education sector, in general, can be quite difficult sometimes to produce collateral like that. In this case, it was handled pretty well and we are happy with the quality of feed output, but also the amount of detail.

Looking at the finished case studies, you wouldn’t even know that there were those sensitivities. It’s really good and the process itself was rather efficient and put together in a concise manner. The first one took a bit longer as you’d expect but overall, it was very efficient.

If you want really clear case studies that are honest, easy to read and with relatively quick production time and as little input from you as possible, this is definitely the way to go. Based on the leads that we’ve converted since those events, it’s more than paid for itself.

Dean & Adam

Whether you’re in a particularly saturated industry or looking to break into a new market, I don’t see how you could do without case studies at the moment.

Need Professional Case Studies? Contact WSI eMarketing

One of the best ways to prove your worth is by creating compelling case studies as there are countless benefits. As we’ve established, having a third party interview your customers could help even more than doing it yourself.

When done correctly, case studies are essentially examples of your work that highlight the positive impact your business has had on existing or previous customers. This is especially a big drawing card when you are trying to attract new clients.

If you need a marketing expert to help create case studies for your brand, contact WSI eMarketing today. We specialise in areas such as content creation, video marketing, email marketing, SEO , PPC, social media, online reputation management and marketing automation. Contact Us


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