Your Web Presence Strategy – Balancing Social Technologies with your other online marketing

As you know, Social Media, and their related technologies, are gaining momentum as trail blazers are joined by early adopters.  However, it is important, as with all marketing to develop an integrated approach, in order to maximise the benefits.  A Web Presence Strategy where off-line supports online, and where social supports them both, if the sum is to be greater than the parts.

This presentation provides some insights into how to develop a structured web presence strategy, focusing on your business goals and ensuring you can then implement it,  not only  cost effectively (which is of course important) but perhaps even more importantly in a time effective way too.

By ensuring you have the right lead and lag measures in place, in order to judge success against your primary business goals, you can track success and make subtle adjustments to the balance of your marketing budget and mix of channels accordingly. Developing a coherent Web Presence Strategy is fundamental to this.

I attended an excellent event this morning, sponsored by Peter Gill Associates  called Gill Insights, hosted by Jason Gill, where it was reinforced that choosing the right mix of social media for your customer/client base was important.  In addition,  in a conversation with their next Gill Insights speaker, Tom Bennett of  Hooper Bennett, he emphasised the extreme importance of having measures in place to track effectiveness of marketing activities across the whole marketing and communications plan.

A man after my own heart!!

Whilst Return On Investment is not the ‘be all and end all’, any business that does not at least try and identify goals and measures, upon which to judge success,s risks wasting time and money and potentially great opportunity too.

Some might even cut activities based on ‘gut feel’, that turn out to be the very activities that are delivering results!  It’s true to say “you don’t fatten a pig by measuring it”, but it also true that, especially in time or recession “it’s important you cut the fat and not the mussel” so, without measuring effectively, it’s impossible to distinguish between the two!

I hope you found the presentation of some use and I’d be interested in your views on the importance of the following:

  • The value of investing some time in helping develop the right web presence strategy (-v- just ‘having a go’) and
  • If you agree that identifying business goals and matching these to key performance indicators to track through implementation has served you well in the past?

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