WSI’s Dan Monaghan on Digital – It’s a Complex World

Dan MonaghanDan Monaghan, Co-founder of WSI, the world’s largest digital agency networks was the opening speaker at the WSI Digital Summit held at the Bing offices in London on the 19th November.

With over 1000 offices operating in 87 countries WSI has some prestigious corporate partners in the likes of Bing, Hubspot, Hootsuite. Google, Adobe and gShift as well as many others. We’ve been providing bespoke digital solutions and award winning websites for 20 years.

But 20 years has seen massive changes in the digital landscape. Having a website, whilst still central to an online presence, is now surrounded by a multitude of other more complex marketing activities that bring customers to your door. These can be grouped into what WSI call the four pillars of Site, Search Social and Mobile and take in:

  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Paid Search
  • SEO
  • Mobile
  • Analytics
  • Email and CRM
  • Content Marketing

Dan shared his insights saying that some people make the mistake of thinking that digital applies to high tech companies but don’t be fooled. 75% of the digital economy is delivered by traditional companies in traditional industries.

WSI are your Digital Sherpas. We help you navigate the the complex world of digital

So, where to start ? Begin with a strategy. So many businesses launch themselves into digital action without a strategy. In the offline world the result would look a little like this
poor workmanship imagepoor workmanship image


or this






To quote an old saying; Measure twice, cut once. Use everything available to you for research and have 1 person responsible for owning your strategy. There may be contributions from other people required, but it needs sole ownership. When working out your strategy, it’s as much about the questions you ask yourself as the answers and take time to understand the landscape. Time taken to work out your strategy is likely to save time and costs later down the line.

Some examples of questions may be:

Is my website mobile responsive?
Why? With more than three quarters of the online population using their mobile devices to access the internet, you need your site to react properly whatever device someone is using. A poor user experience on a mobile device will send your customers to your competitors. Did you know that about 63% of small businesses still don’t have a website? Of those that do, 93% are not mobile friendly.

Have you claimed your social media properties?
Staying in touch and engaging with your audience is a key part of an online marketing strategy and any inbound marketing campaign. If your plan is to use content to attract customers it’s essential you get this right. Just as essential is monitoring these properties and engaging with your audience.

How are you going to do drive traffic?
There are many ways to do this, SEO or AdaptiveSEO as WSI call it – using content, social and the best practice SEO methods to drive organic traffic or paid search. Whether that’s PPC, targeted remarketing or banner advertising, you need to work out what you want to achieve and then work out the best way to get there. Remarketing is a bit of a secret weapon and can increase a campaign performance by 50%.

It goes without saying that a vital part of any digital marketing strategy is making sure there is testing, measurement and analysis in place to see what’s working and what’s not. Test, tweak and measure. You may not be able to reduce the cost of driving traffic, but you could improve the results.

Some quotes from the presentation.

  • Your most valuable asset is your marketing lists – leverage them
  • You don’t have a mobile phone in your pocket, you have a mobile tracking device
  • Remarketing is the rocket fuel of your Ad campaigns
  • When it comes to return on investment, marketers don’t guess, they measure!
  • digital is still in it’s infancy – the real opportunity is still ahead

WSI Digital Summit Dan Monaghan from Cotswolds Today on Vimeo.

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