WSI-eMarketing meet England’s Ben Morgan

Ben_SB_28-02We were honoured to be invited to a sponsors lunch at the end of February at Dursley RFC recently where we watched the first team play against Gloucester Old Boys.

It was a great game and afternoon. Unfortunately we lost, but we still continue to sit in a good position in the league table.

WSI-eMarketing are great rugby fans. Rob & I have been actively involved with Dursley RFC since we moved to the area and our own boys started playing at the ages of 5 & 6. That’s when I started coaching children’s rugby, and I’m still doing it 16 years later even though my boys are 21 & 22 and playing at senior level when they can!

In addition to me coaching and supporting the club personally, WSI-eMarketing also sponsor Dursley RFC through the business, so we were extremely pleased when we got the invite which allowed us to not only be involved in the day along with other sponsors, but also to meet England’s Ben Morgan again.

Unfortunately, due to the injury picked up earlier this season Ben is watching the six nations games along with the rest of us but we are all keeping fingers crossed that he can recover in time to get back on the field and play in the World Cup later this year.

However, as well as doing everything that’s needed to aid a good recovery, Ben continues to take time out to support us at grass roots level at Dursley RFC.

This year Dursley RFC have embarked on a massive project to rebuild the changing room facilities. With 3 senior teams, a ladies team and the largest mini and youth section in the county (running 12 age groups), our facilities have paid the price and are no longer fit for purpose. Actually, I don’t think anyone will mind me saying they are in a terrible state!

Ben is wholeheartedly supporting our efforts and is giving his backing through the Ben Morgan Ton Up Club. It’s just one part of a huge fundraising effort to raise the money needed for the changing rooms and WSI-eMarketing will continue to support wherever it can.

Personally, I can’t wait for the day when we have some nice new clean changing rooms – no more having to struggle in and out of kit in the loo because the changing rooms are already being used! It will be a massive improvement for everyone from the 5 years olds to the 65 year olds!.

As avid rugby fans WSI-eMarketing are also the organisers of the Rugby Business Network events for Bristol, Gloucester and Cheltenham; business networking events for people with a passion for rugby. These events are not your typical networking events where you leave with a pocketful of business cards and no real idea of who anyone is.

The Rugby Business Network operates under the rugby ethos of teamwork and respect and has a ‘Go Giver’ attitude rather than a ‘Go Getter’ one. Attendees come to events looking to see how they can help others in business and in life and also help and contribute to rugby, from grass roots level at the bottom, right up to premiership level at the top.

Yes, you will of course meet other businesses and make connections. You may even ultimately do business with someone you meet at a Rugby Business Network event, and if you do, that’s great. However the starting thought should always be ‘Is there anything I can I do to help you?’ 

We’re pleased to add that Ben has found time and will be attending our next event whihc is being held at Dursley Rugby Club on Tuesday 24th March. He’ll be talking about his grass roots and professional rugby career and I’m sure there’ll be some Six Nations and World Cup talk too.

Click here to book your place.

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