Will Social Selling work for your Sales Team?

Image depicting social selling conceptAs people rely more and more on the internet and social media for information it’s important that businesses leverage these tools in their sales processes. Sales teams need to learn and understand just how much Social Selling can help improve their pipelines and ultimately their sales figures.

Did you know that 90% of buyers start their buying process online and more than 70% of those will look at more than 4 pieces of information before making their buying decision? When you consider how many buying processes can now be completed online without ever speaking to anyone, it makes it essential that your sales teams become involved in the buyer journey early.

So just how does social selling work?

Social media means that your sales team can now research, identify on profile prospects and connect with them. They can provide those prospects with information about you and your company. A bit of research can reveal who the the key individuals are within an organisation, what their problems are and even how they connect with their own customers. All this can be done long before they pick up the phone and talk to anyone meaning that the first conversation can be much more effective.

But social selling is not just about identifying and connecting with prospects and it’s definitely not about spamming peoples inboxes with sales messages. It’s about using the social channels to find out what interests your prospective clients, what their problems are and providing useful and relevant information to them – building your brand and reputation before your sales team speak to them.

A sales call can last for a few minutes, or sometimes it’s as little as seconds and then the content is lost. If you share your content with your prospects online, it’s there in the digital world, available for them to find at the very start of their buying process.

When you add in to that the fact that you can measure how your content is being shared or discussed, it allows you to target your future content more effectively. In addition, your content being talked about and shared by others can widen your reach, and in turn bring new ‘followers’ to your company.

If you want to be in the mind of the buyer at the start of their buying process, you’ve got to be on their radar. This can be achieved using a combination of traditional sales techniques along with social selling activities.

WSI eMarketing runs a Social Selling programme in which your sales teams will learn how to:
• Building a buyer centric social profile
• Map your buyer personas
• Find content that interests your buyer
• Apply best practices around content volume
• Share content to push your buyer off their status quo
• Campaign and connect with buyers
• Understand trigger event selling and which triggers to listen for
• Build a sphere of influence selling
• Implement a 30 to 60 minute daily social selling routine
• Leverage aggregation tools for content sharing
• Implement social listening
• Use the LinkedIn mobile app
• Implement competitive intelligence gathering
and much much more…

Interested in learning more ? Sign up to our one hour webinar on March 25th explaining how the social selling programme works. You will leave with implementable hints and tips as well as a better understanding of the programme.

Alternatively, if you want to speak to someone about using social selling techniques in your business or the programme and how it could help your sales team, contact us.

Is your sales team already using social selling? Are you finding it effective? Share your thoughts in the comment box.

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