What’s the single biggest mistake made on business blogs? Answer Corporate narcissism!

Corporate narcissismAdam Vincenzini from Comms Corner recently posted a very good article which I think goes to the heart of what makes a good blog (for business purposes) and where corporates often get it wrong!

Business blogs won’t achieve what they are capable of until we, as communicators, get it right and get more determined about what is right and wrong.

To help get an agreement on the most essential difficulties with business blogs, Adam asked a selection of experts including Lee OddenJay BaerDanny BrownKelli SchmithMatt SingleyTrevor Young and Drew Benvie for their contribution on ‘what is the single biggest mistake made with business blogs’.

Below is a summary of their responses…

The single biggest mistake made with business blogs is…

It’s too much to put into just one article!  So it’s been split into twos:

1. Summary findings from the question posed (this article)
2. Suggest some answer on getting around these problems and some resources to help (next article)

Based on the answers of 30 industry thought-leaders, the single biggest problem with business blogs is…

Biggest mistake made with corporate blogs

In summary they concluded that, where businesses went wrong were:

  • Using the wrong tone
  • Failing to plan effectively
  • Authenticity – or lack of it
  • Erratic content

The next article will provide some ideas and resources to help you, as a business, to “get it right”.

To view the full article got here… http://bit.ly/gkTsVw

If you haven’t got a Business Blog already – then we can help you get started, either on its own, or they provide even better results if used in conjunction with a full Social Media Strategy.  Or if you already have other social media presences, and just want to add a  business blog (we recommend a fully integrated Word Press Blog) then we offer that too as a stand-alone service and help to get your content plan in place and an implementation plan too (two of the areas identified where if you fail to plan – you plan to fail.  An old adage I know but true as ever in 2011!)

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