Using Website Analytics to Improve Sales

web_analyticsWhatever aspect of the marketing toolbox you’re using, you cannot improve your online marketing without paying attention to your website statistics. Website analytics are often overlooked but can provide a wealth of knowledge to enable you to convert more visitors into buyers. When, how and the search terms or referring site is all useful information that can be capitalised upon.

Here are five key methods for understanding and then improving your customer’s buying cycle.

1. Identify Your Best Traffic Sources
Analysing your visitors’ online activity will help you to identify where your website traffic is coming from. If you set up your tracking correctly, you can even see what search phrases and paid ads drive the visits and also which of those things drive the most conversions.

2. Better Understand Customer Behaviour
Look at things like time spent on your website, the device used, click paths (where they came from) and what content they looked at. All these things will help provide greater insight into your customers and allow you customize the buying experience and help them through the process.


3. Improve Website Conversion Funnels
Once you have a better understanding of your customer and their behaviours, you will understand how to drive more engagement. Identify the most effective triggers and use those to direct more website visitors to make a purchase.

4. Perfecting Landing Page Performance
Landing pages form part of your website analytics. If you use campaign landing pages you must review the statistics of each page. If you don’t you only see half the picture. Your landing page analytics will not only tell you what traffic source is most effective, but it can also identify the content that converts best. A/B testing? The analytics tell you which images and call to action coverts best.

5. Making it Personal
Increased awareness of customers’ interests and needs should allow you to create a more personalised customer experience. That personalized website experience can also transfer to email marketing campaigns, making the combination of both very effective. The more you can personalise your content, the more targeted and successful your marketing messages will be.

So, if you’re only focussing on clicks and not the bigger picture that analysis of the data can give, then you are missing out! Regular review of your analytics data can positively impact your return on investment.
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