Twitter Moments For The UK


The news focused feed which is rich in media content has now hit the UK. Twitter’s Moments is a new (new to the UK anyway) feed which can be found at the top right of your desktop menu bar or the centre of your app menu bar. It’s a way to find out the latest news of trends without having to search through your ever growing home stream from everyone you follow.

photo-1446000442451-e162542.jpgWhat is a Moment?

Basically moments are a collection of tweets that have been segmented into categories to help users find the latest topics or stories.

Why did Twitter create Moments?

It’s been a hard year for Twitter, the feedback has been that Twitter is just too hard to use. People are not sure how to find people to follow or where to find the trending tweets – hence Moments was built.

So how do you take advantage of this new feature?

Untitled_design.pngIt’s a great way to stay on top of trends and news. By clicking on the Moments tab you’ll land on moments from that day, showing you the most talked-about stories. If you are looking for something more there are other selections you can look into such as News, Sports, Entertainment, and Fun.

Once you find a Moment you want to know more about, simply click on it and you will be given a collection of tweets around that story for you to read, like or Retweet. You can follow some moments, just look out for the FOLLOW button when you’re looking at moments.

Can I create a Twitter Moment for business?

Twitter is expanding its list of contributors, but currently you cannot build your own Moment for users to follow. However you can still use Moments to help build your social media campaign, by looking for topics that resonate with your target audience, then see if there are any problems your business can solve or weigh in on. Connect and share!

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