Twitter Marketing In 8 Easy Steps: Part 1

Twitter marketing

Considering the significant growth of social media, brands need to get in front of customers where they are. With 362 million monthly active users, companies can no longer ignore the importance of effective Twitter marketing. This social networking app can be an incredibly powerful tool to help promote your brand, attract new customers, interact with existing customers, introduce special offers and to keep an eye on your competitors.

With so many people using the app, the sooner your brand gets into the swing of Twitter marketing, the better. Planning an effective marketing strategy often seems like a real challenge as Twitter is a very busy environment. All types of companies (and individuals) seem to use it in some shape or form and you can too with these simple tips.

Twitter Marketing 101

The challenge many brands face when looking to use Twitter is properly engaging with customers and finding a way to get marketing benefit from it. As you start using Twitter for business purposes, there will be some steps you need to take for maximum audience reach.

Depending on your marketing goals, company size and your target market, some of these Twitter marketing tips may be more applicable to some than others. If you haven’t yet, you can tailor some of them to your own personal needs.

Customise Your Brand’s Twitter Profile

Your Twitter bio shows people who you are, where you are and what you do. Ideally, you want people to automatically know that it’s you by simply looking at your brand’s profile. This means customising your profile with a logo, colours and any other details you want to include that will make an impression.

There are a number of areas in your Twitter profile that could do with some customisation. We’ll briefly take a look at the most important ones.

Twitter handle

Your Twitter handle is essentially your username, whatever it may be when setting up your account. For business, it’s preferable to use a short, simple and easy to remember handle like our handle, for example, is @WSIeMarketing. Your Twitter handle should include your name which makes it easier for followers, customers and fans to search and find you.

Header / Background Image

As the heading suggests, your profile header in Twitter is also the background image. While there is no set rule on what you must do, many brands create a unique image for their header. Some use their logos while others prefer a company-branded image. The choice is yours and it ultimately depends on who you are targeting and your type of business.

Profile Picture

People need to know who you are and this is your chance to make a good first impression. Make sure you use a current picture and something relevant to your business. What you use is entirely up to you but many brands use a picture of the company building, their logo, initials or a photo of the CEO. If there’s one thing guaranteed to make someone think twice, it’s an inappropriate profile picture. It won’t help your brand reputation and you certainly won’t build any audience trust in the process.

Complete Your Bio In Full

Your Twitter bio will provide visitors with a brief overview of what your business is about. You only have 160 characters which means your bio needs to be short but concise. Some brands include their mission statement while others write what their company does. Once again, depending on your business model, it can also be something more engaging and humorous.

Include Your Location, Website URL and Birthday

If you look just below your bio and profile picture, there is a space to add your location and a website URL. You’d want to do add those in there for maximum impact as visitors can visit your company website straight from Twitter. At the same time, indicating your location could help local people associate with you more.

Last, but certainly not the least, there is also space to include your birthday. This doesn’t have to be your own birthday as you can use the launch date of the company, an event or even a product.

Maximise Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists are organised groups of certain Twitter accounts which you’ve chosen to group into specific categories. It’s also not exclusive to Twitter marketing experts as every user can create and view lists. For example, our Twitter lists include Digital Marketing Professionals, Social Selling Advocates and Content Marketing among others.

Brands who only want to follow certain accounts should seriously consider using Twitter Lists. One idea is to segment your lists into groups for business inspiration, target audience and even your competitors. This way you will be able to easily review their interactions, engagement and the content they post.

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That is it for part one as next week we’ll take a closer look at Twitter Chat, Twitter Advertising, Twitter Moments and how to increase your followers. If you have any questions or would like help with social media marketing, please get in touch.

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