4 Tips on building a social media marketing strategy

Social media plays a pivotal role in the marketing and promotion of businesses. Needless to say, introducing a social media marketing strategy for your business will benefit your business.

Social media strategies can reach a bigger and more global audience. Similarly, starting a social media campaign isn’t that costly compared to mainstream marketing and promotion campaigns.

The following steps are effective ways you can integrate social media strategies into your business:

1: Build a website or a blog:

The first and practically obvious step in integrating an effective social media campaign in your business is to build a website or a blog. The main difference between a website and a blog is that running the latter is free while running the former is not.
However, starting a website is preferred over a blog due to its flexibility and control you will have over the site.

Remember always ‘cross-refer’ your social networks. Facebook and Linkedin both have readily available and free ‘apps’ you can use to ‘cross-refer’ your social networks, but with Facebook removing their ‘apps directory’ you will have to do a search to find these, but on Linkedin simply look under the more tab on the navigation bar. (See our Facebook page for example)

2: Diversify your platforms – use social networking sites AND video marketing:

The power of social media lies entirely on social networking such as: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Linkedin. Social networking sites have become a part of peoples daily lives. It’s the preferred medium of the next generation of consumers, so investing time, effort and money on social networking sites is ideal.

The video-sharing platform YouTube is also of great importance to your strategy. Videos are a great way to get a message across to your consumer, and with the increase in demand for video production services, the affordability is in turn increasing. (See our client example)

3: Establish your expertise and influence online by providing benefits:

People love experts. Hence, the best way to establish expertise over your niche is through providing benefits in the form of free e-books, tips, useful (not spam) newsletters, guides, knowledge and other similar and possibly down-loadable resources.

4: Re-evaluate, improve and adapt to the ever changing Internet-business environment:

The last step in social media strategies in your business is an ongoing process. Social networking and internet marketing as a whole is rapidly changing. It is important for you to adapt to such change, and allow your prospect to find you on their preferred medium.

What steps are you taking with your business? How is your social media strategy progressing? Comment below so we can hear your thoughts.

If you would like to discuss a social media marketing strategy with a WSI eMarketing consultant today, contact us via Facebook, Twittere-mail, or simply give us a call on 01454 261111.

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