Back to Basics: Fundamentals of a Successful Marketing Email

marketing email

Creating a successful marketing email is more important than ever before. So much data is out there with even more companies fighting to get our attention. Most marketers should know to never blast their list but surprisingly it still happens. Email marketing should be used to target a specific audience with relevant, interesting and helpful content. It should pique interest and drive engagement; not just get the word out.

In this article, we’ll show you how to get the most out of your marketing email whether you’re Continue reading

Executive Summary – The Impact of the eMarketing Phenomena

WSI eMarketing 2013_trend_reportThe following executive summary is based on expected eMarketing trends in the current online marketing arena both here in the UK and in Europe. It looks at the way that internet marketing is currently impacting on the overall marketing theatre (including traditional methodologies) and forecasts how things will progress in coming years. The report takes into account Internet usage, how penetration is progressing, and how is it is likely to continue to progress. It examines and compares all aspects of marketing; traditional, digital, the impact of the social media scene, and how the mobile advertising sector is performing. Continue reading