7 Steps to Certain SEO Success

SEO search page graphicIn the world of SEO the (right) tactics that were being used years ago are still the things that work. Good on-site SEO combined with good quality, relevant content distributed across your online channels will bring good organic search results – eventually. Remember, achieving rankings through organic SEO is not something that will happen overnight; it takes time and effort. It is a marathon, not a sprint, and is something you have to keep doing. If you want quick and immediate rankings, then you need to consider paid search advertising.

Along the way there have been some people who have discovered loopholes that may have allowed them to claw their way up the organic search engine rankings quickly in the short term. But the truth is, as the search engines improved and got better at identifying those loopholes, those short term gains turned into very long term penalties for those that adopted the practices. Continue reading

Why a fully responsive website is a priority

Fully responsive design
Do I really need a fully responsive website? A question, which, if asked in 2012/13 would have received a very different answer. At that time, the numbers of people using mobile devices to access the internet were relatively low and the technology for fully responsive was quite new. It was still quite expensive and in some areas even a little unstable. In all likelihood, if you needed a mobile friendly site at a reasonable cost and didn’t need ecommerce, you would have been advised to have a separate mobile friendly site.

However, in today’s digital world, if you don’t have a fully responsive website it’s very likely that you will be losing business to your competitors. Continue reading

Maintaining your Digital Presence in 2015

internet quoteThere are already tons of posts out there about forecasting trends and developments for 2015. In fact, we did one last month called 5 Digital Trends to Get Ahead in 2015 which concentrated on 5 key areas to help businesses stay ahead.

Everyone’s talking about things to consider; mobile, content, big data, agile marketing, wearable tech, augmented reality and so it goes on. But what does it all mean for you and your business? Do you really need to know all there is to know about everything digital if you are going to succeed in business?

There’s no doubt about it, today’s digital world is complex. It’s no longer just about having a website, it’s about your overall digital presence. But the digital world is always evolving and if you spend all your time learning about everything that’s changing, and trying to change your business strategies to match, you’d very soon go out of business. The key is in working out what is relevant to your business and using it to your advantage. Continue reading

4 Reasons to have a website maintenance plan

time for update messageA website maintenance plan; why would you need one? Your site is built, it’s live and it’s working, so it’s all done and dusted isn’t it? No it isn’t. Let’s compare it with insurance. When we think about whether we need insurance of any kind, we don’t really question it. Of course we need insurance! What if we damage the car or are involved in an accident? What if I get ill while away on holiday? What if someone smashes the television? (come on, we’ve all seen the Wii ads on TV and I’m betting we all know someone who’s done something similar!)?

We pay all sorts of insurance premiums for all sorts of things and increasingly we’re paying not just for accident or damage insurance but for maintenance contracts too. Boiler maintenance, home appliance maintenance, regular car service and maintenance are just a few. Policies that make sure our appliances and vehicles are maintained to ensure they don’t break down, or are quickly repaired when they do.

Your website is no different. Once you’ve built it you need to maintain it. It needs to be serviced regularly. You may need to replace parts from time to time or upgrade it if it’s starting to look tired. If it breaks you need to get it repaired quickly. Continue reading