How To Use Blab For Marketing

Blab For Marketing Video

I wrote an article two weeks ago introducing the new social media platform Blab. In this blog I’m going to talk about exactly what it is that makes Blab such a powerful tool for marketing in 2015. A study conducted last year found that 84% of Millenials (18-32) don’t trust advertisements and that for the majority of them, friends or review sites were the go to place to find a trusted reccomendation. 88% of Millenials get at least a portion of their news from Social Media.

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10 Tips to get your video marketing off the ground

Video marketing statisticsThink about the most memorable marketing campaigns you have stumbled across in recent months. A high proportion of these are likely to have included video and there’s a good reason why. Videos appeal to the major senses of sight and sound. They require little effort to ‘consume’ and are extremely easy to share. That’s why many go viral and those that don’t hit the extremes we sometimes see, still get viewed and shared.

A report from eMarketer last year said that the revenue from video marketing in 2013 was up by 40% on the previous year. Video marketing and the revenue from it is set to continue increasing. So much so that content marketing experts predict that: Continue reading

5 Tips for Improving Engagement With Video Marketing

Online video is accessible and popular which has proven itself as an effective way to improve customer engagement, increase brand awareness and attract search engine traffic to a landing page.

As such, Forrester Research suggests that a video makes it 50 times more likely that you’ll get a front page Google result. This makes it a very attractive way of getting your message seen, and indeed, heard.

In this video we share our video marketing best practices on how to prepare for a successful campaign.

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3 Top Tips for Video Content Marketing

A few years ago the use of video in marketing was seen as either a novelty or an elite and expensive marketing tool for larger companies. There were those that also thought that video content marketing could only be a useful tool for B2C businesses. But videos are just another way of getting your marketing content out there and more and more B2B businesses are using it.

In fact more than 72 hours of video are uploaded to You Tube every minute and over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month. Yes, some of that will be the cute kittens and ultimate fail videos, but an increasing percentage of those hours viewed are on business videos.

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