Tips for working from home

working_from_homeTechnology today means that more start up businesses are being run from home and flexible employers are also beginning to take the leap and allow staff to work from home. There is no commute and the quieter work environment may mean more work gets done. However, if you’re working alone from home, you can easily fall into a few bad habits. Normal everyday tasks at home can cause distractions and take you away from your work – just one more load of washing, a quick clean up around garden. On the flip side, it’s all to easy to launch yourself headlong into something and forget to take breaks or work much longer into the evening than you would if an office.

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Types Of Paid Search Ads – Digital Marketing Basics

The world of Paid Ads online can be a slightly confusing one, full of acronyms and jargon. Often multiple labels can be applied to a single ad. The two simplest ways to categorise Paid Ads are to split them into Search Ads and Display Ads.

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Hashtags | Here’s How Best To Use Them

Hashtags Twitter Instagram Business

Hashtags are now an integral part of many Social Media platforms. They remain most used on Twitter and Instagram but also work across Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. A Hashtag is a way for people to identify their posts and group them together. This means a user can click on a Hashtag and be taken to a big library of posts that also contain that Hashtag. Adding a Hashtag to your own content makes it more discoverable and allows you to connect with people who share common interests, locations or opinions.

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Improve Your LinkedIn Social Selling Index

Social_Selling_IndexThe LinkedIn Social Selling Index has been available to everyone for around a month now so it’s high time we make a few reflections on it. What it brings to the table, what the issues surrounding it are and how to improve it. If you’re unfamiliar with the LinkedIn SSI check out our first blog introducing the tool here.


The first thing to say is that the Social Selling Index should not be a vanity measure. There has been some disagreement within the Social Selling community about exactly how valuable the SSI is. A lot of the measures LinkedIn uses to calculate the score are based on quantity of interactions rather than the quality of those interactions. If you get too focussed on simply making your SSI score as high as possible then it certainly could actually harm your effectiveness when it comes to making sales and closing leads.

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