How To Avoid The Gmail Promotions Tab

how to avoid gmail promotions tab

Why Do We Need To Avoid The Gmail Promotions Tab?

Google wants people to go into their Promotions Tab, it’s definitely not just another ‘Junk’ or ‘Spam’ folder. With that said it can hurt your important message if it appears between ASDA’s weekly deals and a MoonPig reminder that you only have 3 days before Mothers Day. Hopefully the email content you’re sending to your customers isn’t just a list of deals, if it is then the Promotions Tab is where it should be! If it’s anything more though, if it’s genuine communication or conversation then you want it to land in your customers normal inbox and be given the attention it deserves.  Continue reading

There Are Not Enough Hours In The Day | Balance or Burnout


We’ve all heard the phrase before, ‘Stress Kills.’ 

As a business owner or a member of a small team in an SME it can be very difficult to ever ‘switch off.’ For many people it feels like there simply aren’t enough hours in a working day 9-6 in the office is enough to get most of your work done. But if a client wants something done by tomorrow you’ll work until 10pm to have it sorted. You never plan to work on the weekend but somehow you’ll find most of Sunday taken up by answering emails, planning for the next week and preparing materials for your next engagement.  Continue reading

Text Marketing : Dispelling the Myths

Text Marketing Myths

Marketers often fail to take advantage of the opportunity presented by SMS marketing because they don’t fully understand it. Text Marketing myths are stopping a lot of businesses fully utilising this powerful Marketing channel. Don’t be one of those businesses! The fact Text Marketing isn’t widely used yet means there will no better time to get on-board than right now!

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How to Build an Opt-in List for your SMS Campaigns


When it comes to launching a marketing campaign everyone knows they need a message and an audience. They understand that whatever they put out there needs to be relevant to their audience, and that audience needs to be interested and engaged if campaigns are to be successful. SMS campaigns are no different. You need to have a relevant message or offer and an interested audience – that means a good quality opted in list of contacts. Notice the use of ‘opt in’ – it’s very important. If you’re going to use SMS marketing you need to stay within the law!

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Tips for working from home

working_from_homeTechnology today means that more start up businesses are being run from home and flexible employers are also beginning to take the leap and allow staff to work from home. There is no commute and the quieter work environment may mean more work gets done. However, if you’re working alone from home, you can easily fall into a few bad habits. Normal everyday tasks at home can cause distractions and take you away from your work – just one more load of washing, a quick clean up around garden. On the flip side, it’s all to easy to launch yourself headlong into something and forget to take breaks or work much longer into the evening than you would if an office.

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Types Of Paid Search Ads – Digital Marketing Basics

The world of Paid Ads online can be a slightly confusing one, full of acronyms and jargon. Often multiple labels can be applied to a single ad. The two simplest ways to categorise Paid Ads are to split them into Search Ads and Display Ads.

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