SMS for Hotels : Integrate SMS into your Hotel’s Marketing Strategy

SMS is the ultimate way to reach customers easily and instantly. When was the last time you spent a day without having your phone with you? Can’t recall? I can’t. Our phones are part of our lives, at work, at home and on holiday. And this is a great opportunity for businesses: 97% of text messages are opened and read within 5 seconds after being received; with email it’s as little as 20%.

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Restaurant Loyalty Cards: Do They Really Work?


Attracting new customers to your restaurant is probably where you put your key emphasis when you think of marketing. Expand your brand, increase your customer base and grow your business!

But how much effort are you putting in to retaining and rewarding your existing customers? These are the people who already love your brand, they’ve come in before and there’s a good chance they’ll want to come back. A lot of restaurants only use the tired, tried and tested methods of rewarding loyal customers. Maybe you do a ‘2 Meals for £10’ night or have a loyalty card that gets them £1 off a round of drinks on a Friday. It is rewarding them, but every pub, bar and restaurant is doing that.

What are you doing to stand out? What are you doing to make sure they come to you rather than any other restaurant or pub with a similar deal?

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10 Top Tips to a Perfect SMS Campaign



We believe that opt-in mobile messaging is vital for all businesses.  Text marketing is something many businesses are only just starting to experiment with. With this in mind we have developed some top tips to execute the perfect SMS campaign to help boost your ROI and keep customers coming back.


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SMS Marketing for Travel Agents and the Tourism Industry

Boost customer satisfaction and streamline bookings with SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing TravelSMS marketing allows you to keep your customers up to date with alerts and travel updates at any time. With an unparalleled average open rate of 98%, SMS beats all other forms of communication for ease, speed and value – and is very cost-effective.

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The Dos and Don’ts of SMS Marketing

Dos & Don'ts of SMS MarketingMobile marketing is transforming the way businesses communicate. We know that mobile messaging is the best tool to use to reach the masses with offers, alerts and promotions within seconds and a great way to engage with customers. But it’s important to understand how messaging continues to out-perform other channels, yet can also be used to complement and support the overall marketing strategy of any business.

  • Only 20% of marketing emails are opened and read
  • 32% of consumers respond positively to SMS promotions
  • In the UK and France, opt-in SMS gets the best results
We’ve compiled dos and don’ts to help you make the most of SMS marketing for your business.