The 5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid with Online Reviews

Online Reviews Mistakes to avoidHave you ever searched online to try and find a service in your local area, such as a hairdresser, dentist, car dealership or estate agent? More and more people are opting to seek out products and services online and are paying close attention to what online reviewers have to say.

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Facebook Facts and Fibs

Facebook Facts Fibs 2015

Facebook is officlally the largest Social Network in the world and with that comes a lot of interesting information. However it doesn’t seem as though you can go a month using the Social Network without seeing some news about Facebook using your pictures in Ads, starting to charge for their service or someone copying and pasting an entirely useless ‘legal notice.’ So let’s separate some Facebook facts from some Facebook fibs.

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Online Reputation Management | You Need To Maintain Your Digital Presence

Online Reputation Management

Most business people accept the need for Social Media both on on a personal and Brand level. Most will also agree that a good reputation is important. When you ask what Online Reputation Management consists of you’ll start to get a lot of very different answers. For many people the term ‘Reputation Management gets them thinking about crisis management, what they need to be doing when their reputation comes under attack. In the modern, always-online world Reputation Management has become a far wider practice and something you can’t afford to not be doing.

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Social Proof – Do You Really Understand The Concepts?

Social Proof Understand Applications

Social Proof is an incredibly powerful force that influences everyone, regardless of whether they think it does or not. At the heart of the idea of Social Proof is that despite what we think about our own individuality we all have an inherent desire to conform. We have the innate assumption hardwired that the behaviour of those around us is correct. Obviously this can be overcome by conscious thought but in the day to day life of the average person this is a very strong force.

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Social Selling Isn’t For You? Give Me 5 Minutes Of Your Time!

Social Selling is the big buzzword in Sales at the moment. But I can understand plenty of people who think it’s a flash in the pan. If you’ve got by in Sales for 20 years without it why would you need it now? It seems like it involves a lot of work and at the end of the day is it really going to close any deals?

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How Does A Blog Help Business?

Why blog for business

Does your business have a blog? Does it update it regularly with quality content?

If the answer to either of these questions is no then you really should read on.

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