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Digital Minds Rob Thomas Social Media

Digital Minds Rob Thomas Social Media

Despite what some naysayers thought 3 or 4 years ago it’s become clear that Social Media is now a core element of Digital Marketing. Whether it’s simply maintaining a brand presence, creating brand awareness, utilising a Social Media platform for Reputation Management or simply to show off your product it’s undeniable that Social Media provides a whole host of advantages.

Simply ‘doing Social Media’ isn’t quite as simple as just setting up a Facebook Page or Twitter Profile for your business and posting about your products. There’s so much more that can be done and there are a few things that you really should avoid.  Continue reading

Social Media Trends & News Q1 2016

Social Media trends 2016

The first quarter of 2016 has been an interesting time for Social Media. Facebook has introduced ‘Reactions,’ Twitter has seen it’s stock on a sharp decline and there are now more advertisers on Instagram than there are on Twitter. On top of all this Social Ad Spend is increasing it’s upward trajectory despite many marketers not being able to prove any quantitative impact.

Facebook Reactions

It’s no secret that for years people using Faceboook have been asking for a ‘dislike’ button. The Facebook team were reluctant to implement a straight ‘dislike’ button for a variety of reasons. Instead what has been introduced is a range of ‘Reactions’ that a user can use to express more than the old ‘Like.’ Though the option to simply ‘Like’ a piece of content remains. Continue reading

Twitter Moments For The UK


The news focused feed which is rich in media content has now hit the UK. Twitter’s Moments is a new (new to the UK anyway) feed which can be found at the top right of your desktop menu bar or the centre of your app menu bar. It’s a way to find out the latest news of trends without having to search through your ever growing home stream from everyone you follow.

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Facebook Facts and Fibs

Facebook Facts Fibs 2015

Facebook is officlally the largest Social Network in the world and with that comes a lot of interesting information. However it doesn’t seem as though you can go a month using the Social Network without seeing some news about Facebook using your pictures in Ads, starting to charge for their service or someone copying and pasting an entirely useless ‘legal notice.’ So let’s separate some Facebook facts from some Facebook fibs.

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Social Selling Isn’t For You? Give Me 5 Minutes Of Your Time!

Social Selling is the big buzzword in Sales at the moment. But I can understand plenty of people who think it’s a flash in the pan. If you’ve got by in Sales for 20 years without it why would you need it now? It seems like it involves a lot of work and at the end of the day is it really going to close any deals?

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