What Is Blab? The Latest Social Media Craze

What Is Blab Social Media App

Blab is the brainchild of Michael Birch, founder of the Social Networking site Bebo. A predecessor to Facebook and Google+, Bebo had significant success in the era of MySpace but floundered and failed after Facebook and Twitter began to rise to prominence. Michael Birch sold Bebo for hundreds of millions of dollars before it’s decline. He has now bought back into the business to totally revamp it with Blab.

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Inbound, Content, Native, Social – Marketing

Marketing Terms Phrases Inbound

I’ve recently graduated from University and I remember while I was there the people studying Marketing talked a lot about Native Marketing. The people in Marketing jobs talked a lot about Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Now it’s Inbound Marketing that is the hot new methodology.

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Social media knowhow with great customer service

customer serviceSome business owners are put off by social media, because of the potential for customer service disasters. However, used effectively, it can really help to promote your business and to show that you take your customers seriously. The key to using social media effectively is to have a strategy. Listen to what your customers are telling you, take appropriate action and use the information to make your business better. Continue reading

When and how to use hashtags

hashtagsInitially introduced to make content easier to follow on Twitter, the hashtag has become part of daily life; both for business and pleasure. Hashtags are short phrases that enable people to track and follow the people and topics that interest them. While most commonly used on social media (Twitter and Google+) they can be utilised in other marketing materials.

Whether you are organising a conference, promoting a brand, announcing a promotion or selling a specific product, hashtags can be very helpful in your marketing efforts. However, while many of us know what they are, not everyone is aware of how to use them properly or how dire the consequences of misuse can be.

DiGiorno Pizza’s are a prime example of how even an experienced company with great Twitter hashtag campaigns can get it very badly wrong. Known for their entertaining campaigns like the NFL #DiGiorNOYOUDIDNT, they found themselves on the wrong side of Twitter users and the press when they hijacked the hashtag WhyIStayed for a pizza campaign without realising it was part of a campaign against domestic violence. Continue reading

WSI’s Dan Monaghan on Digital – It’s a Complex World

Dan MonaghanDan Monaghan, Co-founder of WSI, the world’s largest digital agency networks was the opening speaker at the WSI Digital Summit held at the Bing offices in London on the 19th November.

With over 1000 offices operating in 87 countries WSI has some prestigious corporate partners in the likes of Bing, Hubspot, Hootsuite. Google, Adobe and gShift as well as many others. We’ve been providing bespoke digital solutions and award winning websites for 20 years.

But 20 years has seen massive changes in the digital landscape. Having a website, whilst still central to an online presence, is now surrounded by a multitude of other more complex marketing activities that bring customers to your door. These can be grouped into what WSI call the four pillars of Site, Search Social and Mobile and take in: Continue reading

5 Tips for engagement using Social Relationship Management

Social relationship management principlesSocial media provides great opportunities for engaging with your customers but managing that engagement across multiple platforms can sometimes be a challenge.

Social relationship management (or to use a term more recognised, social CRM) can help you and your team manage your online engagement effectively. Many businesses will still keep the overall responsibility for social media marketing and management with one person but social relationship management can help you spread the workload. Not only will it improve your ability to listen and engage with your customers but will also help your staff improve their knowledge. Continue reading