5 Tips for engagement using Social Relationship Management

Social relationship management principlesSocial media provides great opportunities for engaging with your customers but managing that engagement across multiple platforms can sometimes be a challenge.

Social relationship management (or to use a term more recognised, social CRM) can help you and your team manage your online engagement effectively. Many businesses will still keep the overall responsibility for social media marketing and management with one person but social relationship management can help you spread the workload. Not only will it improve your ability to listen and engage with your customers but will also help your staff improve their knowledge. Continue reading

5 Social Media Tips for Professionals

Image showing social media principlesSocial media continues to grow with new platforms still appearing and improvements to existing platforms being made all the time. This means social media is an ideal place for you to establish your personal brand. It’s one of the first places people will go to find out about you. For example, employers are increasingly using social media to recruit. In addition, when considering working with someone for the first time, businesses turn to social media. They want to find out about the person they are dealing with as well as the company.

Social media platforms allow you to create and establish your online identity more easily than ever before. But care is needed to ensure that you establish a credible online presence and reputation. Continue reading

5 Ways to Boost Your Business Blog in 2013

This video has tips on how to keep your business blog engaging.

Increasingly the most important currency on the web is great content coupled with a loyal community. Whether it’s to shop, stay up-dated or to be entertained; billions of people access the internet every day prepared to engage with their favourite brands.

To grow a community around your content, your marketing plan should encourage customer interaction via social media websites – and just as importantly, from your blog.

Here are five ways to achieve a more engaging blog for the coming year. Continue reading

LinkedIn Endorsements – 3 Top Tips Plus New Look Company Pages

There have been many blogs in the last few weeks about the latest LinkedIn updates, including the most recent introduction “LinkedIn endorsements”.

And according to hubspot, LinkedIn is 277% better for lead generation than other social networks, so there is a good reason to take notice of these changes and work out how to make the most of them!

The purpose of this Blog and the accompanying video is to bring information and help on the latest developments together in one place:

  1. 3 Top Tips on why you should use endorsements the “right way” to gain maximum benefit
  2. Links to some very useful resources and “how to guides” on endorsements
  3. Top tips on the other  LinkedIn Update Continue reading