3 Vital Steps For Effective Search Engine Optimisation

Google, Bing and other search engines handle billions of searches every day. You want to use Search Engine Optimisation to rank the highest as you can. If you rank well in their search results, your website traffic will increase significantly with the best kind of visitors; people looking for your products ready to buy..

So what can you do to be found at the top of the search listings?

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Google Caffeine – Is It Good For You?

One thing is certain when working with the World Wide Web: change. Web technology is not stationary – nor should it be. Complacency in implementing improvements leads to limited functionality, which translates ultimately into losing traffic. No individual or company is exempt, including the Internet giant Google, which has maintained its dominance in global cyberspace through its clever adoption of leading- edge technologies for its online tools and services.

Introducing Google’s latest algorithm update, nicknamed Caffeine. While updating their search engines to be more efficient may bode well for users, it may have negative implications for marketers who have worked hard for the web traffic they enjoy as a result of good organic rankings. So what can we expect from Google Caffeine and how might it affect your rankings?

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Top Web Trends In 2010

The web is having a huge impact on our daily lives. Whether, it’s a home computer, wifi enabled laptop, portable notebook or web enabled hand held device, the internet continues to revolutionise the way we communicate – and how we conduct much of our business.

With 2009 drawing to a close it is natural to start thinking of what the New Year might have in store for us. While some web innovations will remain unpredictable, there are a few trends that are clearly up and coming.

Top Web Trends For The Coming Year
As web technology continues to advance in leaps and bounds, what online trends might we expect in 2010?

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