Nick Koster talks to the Bristol RBN about the upcoming season

Nick_Koster1At the recent RBN held at the St Pierre Marriot Hotel and Country Club Bristol Rugby’s Nick Koster talked about rugby, charity and life after rugby.

The first thing everyone in the room wanted to know was How did everyone feel when they won the second leg of the championship play off, bringing them back to premiership rugby?

After an opening statement of ‘It was an incredible feeling” Nick went on to explain the feelings of the whole team long the way. “The championship is a tough competition and I think some people don’t realise how tough it is”. He went on to talk about a whole host of things that impact games in the championship that many people don’t give a second thought to. Things like, ground conditions, game tactics and sometimes, just how simply the fact that they are Bristol with a bigger budget makes a difference to the way that they are viewed by some opposition. Continue reading

Referee Malcom Miller on the parallels in business and rugby

At omalcom miller rugby and businessur recent event at the St Pierre Marriot Hotel and Country Club, Malcolm Miller gave us a good insight into the life of a society referee as well as some thought provoking insight into how his rugby crosses over into his daily business life.

In his ‘day job’ Malcolm is managing director of RTS Group, a learning and development training agency based in Wiltshire. An expanding business, it directly employs a team of 55, and also works with another couple of hundred freelance associates around the world. The business keeps Malcolm busy and it is currently expanding into China, so where exactly does he see the parallels in his life on and off the field?

To explain this Malcolm pulled a small booklet from his pocket – the law book. 26 Laws and the code of the game, which is the playing charter. “When I look at that and I look at my business” he said “And ask is there a parallel? Absolutely! Integrity, passion, solidarity, discipline and respect. If you can deliver that in a business and deliver it to your customers and your team, then you’re off to a flying start” Continue reading

From Rugby to Recruitment Thinus Delport talks about Life After Rugby

Image of Thinus DelportThinus Delport joined us at the Rugby Business Network event on May 13th In Cheltenham. He talked candidly about the issues and decision players and their clubs face when thinking about and preparing for life after rugby as well as his own experiences of transitioning from the game into the world of business.

He was very entertaining and covered some serious issues facing top class rugby players today, as well as the issues facing those just coming in to the game at the top level.

Talking about his retirement from professional rugby and how he dealt with the transition Thinus had this to say.

I realised that I’ve got a limited amount of time where I can run around in a tracksuit and trainers. We get old and it takes longer to recover from playing and also from injury. Look, I played in a vets game at Old Pats and I’m still hurting and that’s after 4 weeks! Continue reading