Back to Basics: Fundamentals of a Successful Marketing Email

marketing email

Creating a successful marketing email is more important than ever before. So much data is out there with even more companies fighting to get our attention. Most marketers should know to never blast their list but surprisingly it still happens. Email marketing should be used to target a specific audience with relevant, interesting and helpful content. It should pique interest and drive engagement; not just get the word out.

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5 tips for improving your conversion rates

image of sales targetIn today’s digital  world, it is important that customers who visit  your website, your blog or have a telephone conversation with you, convert  into a paying customers.

But conversions are no easy feat – it takes a lot to increase conversion rates whilst maximising the ROI of your marketing efforts.

The number of people visiting your web presence  can be tracked and monitored which can help identify  what is working, and what is not and allow you to make changes

Here are 5 tips which can help improve the conversion rate of your marketing activities.
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