Is it time to consider Responsive Website Design?

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Responsive website design means that users can have a great experience on your site regardless of the device they are using. With no sign of the let up in sales and usage of smart phones and tablets it’s essential to have a mobile friendly website or even better a fully responsive website design. Did you know that more than 70% of mobile visitors will abandon a site if it takes too long to load? Users also don’t like having to pinch and expand to be able to see page content or click on a link.

According to Mobile Marketing Magazine, research from Deloittes last year revealed that smartphone ownership in the UK increased to 72%, with owners using their phones for all sorts of things. More than 50% of those owners use their smart phones for making purchases and an even higher percentage for searching and researching on the internet.

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5 Great Reasons for Considering Responsive Web Design

The growth in use of tablets and smart phones and accessing the web from mobile devices is resulting in some fundamental shifts in online behaviour. Latest statistics from Google show that 67% of searches are start on one device but then move on to a second device.

When it comes to your mobile marketing strategy it is now time to seriously consider whether it’s time to switch to a responsive web design. This will allow your content to dynamically adapt it’s layout in response to the device the consumer is using to view your website. It can remove the need for that transfer to a second device to complete that all important call to action.

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5 Benefits To A Responsive Website Design

WebDesignAccording to a Google study this year (2013), two thirds of smart phone users expect websites to cater for the device, providing as good a user experience as on their desktop.

And to add to this, Mashable suggested that 2013 will be ‘The year of responsive website design’. But such anticipation has not been matched- 45% of businesses still don’t even have a mobile site or app

The decision to have a mobile friendly website or a responsive website design can depend on whether you are a small business or a larger organisation and the type of business which you are in.
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The rise of mobile and the need for a fully responsive website

Tablets and Smartphones


Websites used to be viewed on desktop screens. Now, websites are viewed on desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Businesses, companies and even networking sites are finding that their websites, and their landing pages, are being viewed across multiple devices.


For one, Facebook is undergoing a mobile revolution with four out of five of the 24 million UK users, logging on to the networking site each day using a smartphone or tablet computer.

And the restaurant and food industry are embracing the mobile movement more than other business sectors. A survey carried out by DudaMobile, found that restaurants and food services make up 28% of the total percentage of small to medium-sized businesses.
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