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Almost no-one in the UK is without a Smartphone by their side for most of the day. Taking advantage of this fact is becoming easier every day. The impact of not catering to the Mobile browser is equally becoming more damaging every day. By getting ahead of the curve and actively seeking to take advantage of all the new avenues for Marketing that Mobile offers you can beat out the competition. Continue reading

Ashley Smith on The Buyers Journey and Mobile Responsiveness

Ashley Smith ReachLocal

Ashley Smith is Partner Development Manager at ReachLocal and she specialises in PPC & Display Advertising, Strategic Account Planning, Program Development.

Ashley joined a panel of expert speakers at the WSI Digital Summit held in Cheltenham and Gloucester in July of 2015. She joined speakers from WSI, Google, Bing, HubSpot and many more to discuss the world of digital marketing, it’s effect on business and how to harness it’s power to grow your business.

In 2015 we no longer ‘go online’ like we did 10 years ago. Now we live online. Tablets, Smartphones, Smartwatches and such devices give us the ability to be online everywhere all the time. Client interactions no longer only happen on your website, now they take place all over the web. Interactive discussions about your product or brand can be happening on forums or social media all the time. This means your potential customers are active 24/7 and you need to be ready to engage them every minute of every day. If you’re not there your competitors will be.Digital Summit ReachLocal

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Why a fully responsive website is a priority

Fully responsive design
Do I really need a fully responsive website? A question, which, if asked in 2012/13 would have received a very different answer. At that time, the numbers of people using mobile devices to access the internet were relatively low and the technology for fully responsive was quite new. It was still quite expensive and in some areas even a little unstable. In all likelihood, if you needed a mobile friendly site at a reasonable cost and didn’t need ecommerce, you would have been advised to have a separate mobile friendly site.

However, in today’s digital world, if you don’t have a fully responsive website it’s very likely that you will be losing business to your competitors. Continue reading

Is it time to consider Responsive Website Design?

Responsive website time
Responsive website design means that users can have a great experience on your site regardless of the device they are using. With no sign of the let up in sales and usage of smart phones and tablets it’s essential to have a mobile friendly website or even better a fully responsive website design. Did you know that more than 70% of mobile visitors will abandon a site if it takes too long to load? Users also don’t like having to pinch and expand to be able to see page content or click on a link.

According to Mobile Marketing Magazine, research from Deloittes last year revealed that smartphone ownership in the UK increased to 72%, with owners using their phones for all sorts of things. More than 50% of those owners use their smart phones for making purchases and an even higher percentage for searching and researching on the internet.

In addition a report by eMarketer last year advised that the use of tablets increased by 39%. They forecast that by 2017 more than half the UK population and two thirds of internet users will have access to tablets. Continue reading