How To Create Landing Pages That Really Convert

landing pages

Landing pages are an essential asset to any digital marketer especially when optimised for maximum results. If your current website or landing pages aren’t converting visitors into leads, they’re not doing their job. A typical landing page loses more than half the visitors almost immediately, leaving behind only a few converted leads. What you need is a sound marketing strategy and landing pages designed to attract and convert visitors. Continue reading

Web Development and Search Engine Optimisation

web development

An engaging website is essential to your online success and provides the hub for your digital marketing campaigns. Good web development and SEO practices mean happy customers which keeps you in Google’s good books.

Too often, businesses underestimate the importance of effective search engine optimisation (SEO) in terms of web development. SEO is not a standalone feature or function and needs to be implemented during the build, not added in later. It’s integral to your web development process which essentially involves designing a website for search marketing and lead generation. Continue reading

Elements of Good Responsive Web Design

responsive web designA good responsive website and seamless user experience can leave a lasting impression on visitors. From a marketing perspective, websites, landing pages and mobile have become even more important. The ability to integrate with social media and other platforms makes cross channel marketing not only possible, but easier to manage and maintain. Continue reading

The Dos and Don’ts of SMS Marketing

Dos & Don'ts of SMS MarketingMobile marketing is transforming the way businesses communicate. We know that mobile messaging is the best tool to use to reach the masses with offers, alerts and promotions within seconds and a great way to engage with customers. But it’s important to understand how messaging continues to out-perform other channels, yet can also be used to complement and support the overall marketing strategy of any business.

  • Only 20% of marketing emails are opened and read
  • 32% of consumers respond positively to SMS promotions
  • In the UK and France, opt-in SMS gets the best results
We’ve compiled dos and don’ts to help you make the most of SMS marketing for your business.