How Remarketing Works And Benefits Your Business


Many of you will have experienced all the trials and tribulations associated with web traffic but no conversions. There is nothing quite as frustrating especially if you know your digital marketing strategy is fully optimised. Fact is, it’s more common than you might think but there is a solution and it’s called, ‘remarketing’.

There are many reasons why people don’t buy on their first visit and it’s not always your fault. Some may just be surfing the web while others could have clicked the wrong button and forgot how to get back to your site. Anything is possible but it’s best to be prepared for all eventualities. You won’t always know the reason behind their decisions but an effective remarketing campaign can help get your visitors back. Continue reading

Advanced Remarketing Techniques For Improved Results

RemarketingRemarketing (also known as retargeting) is an incredibly powerful tool and should be used by all marketers. It’s a tactic that yields impressive and consistent results if implemented correctly. When it comes to online advertising though, not everyone is an expert which can lead to misconceptions about advertising methods.

What is exactly is Remarketing?

Remarketing uses online display advertising to retarget visitors who left your website without taking action. This includes subscribing to a service, purchasing a product or simply clicking on items you’re interested in. It essentially combines Search and Display to an extent and displays ads based on the visitor’s browsing history. The idea is to reinforce your message and hopefully drive them back to your site to re-engage with them. Continue reading

Four good reasons to consider remarketing

remarketing factsRemarketing: what is it? Well, have you ever wished you could get people to come back to your website if they’ve left without buying? That’s where remarketing comes in. It uses online display advertising to retarget people who have left your site without becoming a customer. Remarketing serves up relevant ads to your audience that reinforce your message and will hopefully bring them back to engage with your further.

Below are four reasons that you should be using remarketing in your business.

1. It keeps the conversation going
Did you know that about half of all shoppers will browse a website four times before they make a purchase? Remarketing will allow you to re-engage with those visitors as they continue their research and persuade them to come back to you for their purchase. Continue reading