4 reasons why businesses should take advantage of Facebook’s Page Insights

FCOMTrolleyThere are more than 835 million worldwide users of Facebook which brands have the chance to reach and engage with- if they know the right facts.

Back in October 2011, Facebook rolled out the Insight tool which provided measurements on your Facebook Page’s performance ability. This meant that businesses had the ability to find anonymized demographic data (age, gender, country, city and language) about their audience, and see how people are discovering and responding to their posts. Until now, this has remained unchanged.

By the end of the summer, all business page owners are expected to receive the new Facebook Page Insights.

These new updates will mean that you are able to unleash more content which is relevant to your target audiences. Knowing the percentage of your reach and who actually engaged with your content is really important data to look at. And so, armed with rich, accurate data, you will have the knowledge to drive your business forward.

Here are just 4 reasons why your business should take advantage of the Facebook Page Insights: Continue reading