How To Write An SEO Friendly Blog Post


Billions of people across the world access the internet every day whether they’re online shopping, keeping up with friends or purely for entertainment. For anyone to find your blog posts, SEO is fundamental in ranking your content higher in search engines.

If you know the basic elements of search engine optimisation, you can easily write an SEO friendly blog that search engines will love. Remember, SEO (search engine optimisation), is the process where you optimise your online content to make it easier for search engines to find and rank you.

SEO works when a user types a keyword or phrase to find what they are looking for and search engines will then display results of all the pages containing those keywords. Where your page ranks on the results will depend on how well it has been optimised. Continue reading

What In The World Is Organic SEO?

organic seo

We hear this question more often than one might think and today, we’ll reveal some of the basics. Organic SEO is the process of increasing traffic to your website by making it more prominent in search engine results (SERPs) using specific targeted keywords. It means getting good rankings for your targeted search terms across all search engines without having to pay for placements.

When you carry out a Google search, for example, you’ll see the regular results along with highlighted boxes at the top and on the right-hand side. These are “Ad related to ‘search term’” which means Continue reading

5 tips for improving your conversion rates

image of sales targetIn today’s digital  world, it is important that customers who visit  your website, your blog or have a telephone conversation with you, convert  into a paying customers.

But conversions are no easy feat – it takes a lot to increase conversion rates whilst maximising the ROI of your marketing efforts.

The number of people visiting your web presence  can be tracked and monitored which can help identify  what is working, and what is not and allow you to make changes

Here are 5 tips which can help improve the conversion rate of your marketing activities.
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5 top tips on how to organically drive traffic to your website

Organic-SEOThere are two ways you can drive traffic to a website: organically or non organically, e.g. paid search advertising.
Non organic paid search adverts will continue to work for your business as long as you continue to pay for them.

For small businesses, this can be an expensive means of acquisition.
It’s not only the up-keep costs of paid search advertising that are a threat to your websites rankings. Are you familiar with Google Panda and Google Penguin? These are algorithm updates which are aimed at reducing a websites search engine rankings if they are ranked as a ‘low quality site’.

Therefore it is essential that your website is managed and maintained to avoid falling into these traps.
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